Love Locks All Over The World

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of love lock spots, they are locations where a couple is able to lock a padlock to a bridge (in most instances, although there are other love lock spots) and throw away the key, as a symbol of their everlasting love. While some oppose it, it's still a very interesting custom and a great way to find out about romantic tourist spots. 

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Read on and learn more about the places where couples express their undying devotion to one another!

New York
Those who wish to start their love lock journey in the United States can head to the Big Apple and make their way to the Brooklyn Bridge, where love locks have become a prominent fixture for years. What's interesting, the Open Organization Of Lockpickers has banded against this practice and there have been performed love picking demonstrations, with the goal of carefully removing each lock and creating a public sculpture.

While some city officials wish to put a stop to love locks, Moscow encourages the practice and has lined the Luzhkov bridge with metal trees, to make it easier for couples to attach locks without doing damage to the bridge. Since love locks are allowed here, Moscow is becoming an increasingly popular destination for newlywed couples that wish to express their love in a new and unique fashion!

Dublin visitors that are looking for prime love lock locations have a wide range of places to choose from, including the Ha’penny bridge (where most of the love locks in Dublin are located), the Rosie Hackett bridge, Boardwalk balustrade and the Millennium bridge. At the present moment, Dublin city officials are devising new and improved methods for love lock placement, with an eye towards providing alternative spots.

Venice has developed into a common destination for couples in search of love lock locations and the three that are most commonly visited are the Ponte dell’Accademia, Ponte degli Scalzi and the Rialto bridge. Venice's city officials have launched a campaign against the placement of these locks, but love-struck couples refuse to be deterred, as the locks continue to come back over and over again, even when they have been removed.

What list of lovebird destinations would be complete without mentioning the most romantic city in the world? The city of love provides a number of locations to place your love lock, including Pont de l’ArchevĂȘchĂ© and the Pont des Arts. The locks have also spread to the majority of the bridges overlooking the Seine. While a campaign was recently started by the city that urged couples to take selfies instead of placing love locks on Parisian bridges, there is currently no end to love locks in sight.

As you can see many places where these love locks can be found are in the process of trying to stop the practice all together.  Better get a move on if placing a love lock is on your bucket list!

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