5 things you must do while in Barcelona, Spain

When considering a visit to Spain one can quickly become overwhelmed.  So many sites to see, towns to pick from, and excursions to make, it can be a daunting task to decide what is a priority.

One of the more popular spots to see when you visit Spain is Barcelona.  I visited a few years back and adored it, in fact it was my favorite area to travel to in all of Spain. Much preferred to Madrid by nearly everyone I know, this city has seen an explosion in tourism so the list of things to do can be quite long.

Here I have compiled my top 5 things you must do in Barcelona, Spain.  I hope it helps ease the planning just a bit.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Although this is arguably the most touristy thing you can do in Barcelona there is a very good reason for that.  It is amazing!!  Any list like the one I am building here must include it.  The architecture is stunning, in fact they are still in the process of building it as we speak.  Its set to be completed in about 20 years but it is still worthwhile visiting.  You can do it on the cheap and simply see the outside but believe me that is not even close to the amazement of what you will see when you go inside.  It is worth the line, the crowd, and the price of admission.  If heading there I suggest springing for the entrance fee and taking your time to really soak it all in.

Las Ramblas

On my first trip to Barcelona, I did very little research, just sort of showed up and found a hostel on the fly.  I was thrilled when I discovered Las Ramblas was just around the corner and it led to night after night of great people watching, music, delicious food, and so much more.  For an inexpensive dinner head there in the early evening, to stroll the street and get your hands on fresh produce and flowers head there during the day.  For a fun nightlife scene aside from the typical bars and clubs head over in the evening.  It is definitely a not to be missed spot in Barcelona.  In fact, if you need to pick an area to stay this would be the one.  It may cost a bit more but as we discovered living on the road for 3 years, it's all about location baby!

With Locals day

After years of travel I have found that the very best way to get to know an area, it's language and it's culture as well as some of the best off the beaten path spots to visit, is to spent time with locals. WithLocals is a great website that connects you with locals in the area you are visiting.  They have a huge base in Barcelona and offer tours, cooking classes, art workshops, photography tours, and so much more.  When you really want to get a feel of an area this is a great site to check out and give a try.

Explore Gaudi

This can mean a lot of things in the city of Barcelona.  We already talked about visiting Sagrada Familia, which was designed by Gaudi but there is so much mire of him scattered around the city that I think it is worth a half day at least.  There is a whole list of buildings created by him, parks, fountains, and so much unique architecture it's amazing Barcelona wasn't renamed Gaudiville!

Explore the beaches

One thing I wish I did more of when I was in Barcelona was to explore the beaches.  Truth be told first time I went was winter and I am not even sure I knew there were any beaches at all.  There are actually quite a few and they seem to be unique and each one more lovely than the next.  Nestled in cute little neighborhoods checking out one of the beaches may be a great way to get a tan and get a feel for the local scene.

There you have it, my 5 things you must do while in Barcelona!  Have you been?  What would you added to this list of it were a top 10?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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