5 Of The Most Incredible Railway Routes On Earth

Today let's talk about five of the most fantastic and beautiful railway routes that can be found around the globe. Of course there are far more than these 5 listed but these are the ones I'm most interested in doing and well, they look amazing!  In many cases the train is not the fastest way to get from 1 spot to another but sometimes its not about that, sometimes its about the experience inside the journey and that's where train travel really has an edge.

Here are 5 of the most incredible railway routes on earth:

Two days of typical Canadian beauty

It is said that the easiest and the best way to see the real beauty of Canada is while looking out of the train windows. Especially through a perfect Rocky Mountaineer route’s window!

This railway is connecting two extremely important cities - Vancouver and Banff and the journey from once city to another will take your breath away for sure.

During the trip, you will see all the typical elements of the local landscape: gigantic pine forests, snow-covered mountains, clear lakes and black lava cliffs. To take this journey of almost a thousand kilometers takes about two days.  During the night passengers stay in a hotel in the city of Kamloops, that way you don't miss scenery that would be darkened in the dead of night.

Seven time zones in one sitting

The amazing 9,289 kilometer long TransSiberian train route is famous not only for the fact that it is the longest railway line in the world but also because it helps to see Russia in an entirely different light.

Connecting hundreds of local towns and villages, this route crosses seven time zones, so traveling this way might take a while, but it really is worth it. With it, you will be able to see a lot of real Russian nature and local people’s lives in a way that you could not do with any other type of travel.

You can travel from Moscow to Vladivostok, which is near the Japanese Sea, but I would not end the route there. You can continue going along this line and soon you will quickly reach Beijing, Shanghai or Tokyo.  So you see this route can be done in pieces or you can spend months traveling it all at the same time.  I like a route that gives you loads of options like this one does!

In winter, the number of passengers decreases significantly, but the cold season can actually be an excellent opportunity to enjoy the snow-covered scenery and you can usually get quite a discount when traveling off season!

Railway on cloud

Although Jalpaiguri-Darjeeling rail line might seem like not such a big deal - it is. The route of this train goes up to around 2 kilometers height, so that is pretty extraordinary in itself not to mention all the beautiful scenery that comes with traveling to such heights.

The preserved steam engine of this train was actually added to the UNESCO World Heritage list, so that also speaks a lot for itself.  Probably the most surprising thing you can experience if you decide to take this train, is the fact that here you can enjoy beautiful views too.

Through the train seat, you will see clouds lower than your eye line, tea plantations and mountain villages, which all look fantastic and  magical.

Riding through market stalls

Taking Thai Maeklongo rail will literally make you hold your breath, but no thanks to the picturesque panoramas. This train crosses one of the biggest seafood markets in Thailand. And not just simply passes around. It literary crosses it.

Here local workers have become accustomed to the arrival of the locomotive and probably know the schedule of the train sometimes better than the railroad workers. Hearing the train coming, locals simply move away all stalls and various goods arranged on the ground. And soon after the train leaves – market comes back alive, and all stalls get into their places once again, until the next train comes.

Transportation and entertainment at the same time

The train named “the Ghan” rolls for nearly 3 thousand kilometers and really shows off what Australia is all about. The train route begins in the south coast port located in Adelaide and ends in Darwin in the north of Australia.

Contrasts will inevitably accompany the journey by this train - reddish deserts are changed with a clear blue sky. But that is not everything that this route can offer you.

With this train, you can not only travel from point A to B but also stop by and participate in trips within the country's most spectacular locations. So - it is a real full package for all adventurous travelers.  The price is quite steep but when you consider the entertainment value as well as the experience of it all I think you'll find it worth the money. And just think you can relax in a comfy seat and let someone else do all the driving

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