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Have the cold winter months got you dreaming of hotter temperatures, sunny days and clear skies? Are you suffering from a serious case of office-itis? If so, a long holiday away from it all could be exactly what you need to get back into the groove of things. These days, travellers are faced with a multitude of options they can choose from when it comes to booking a holiday away: flights with accommodation at luxury resorts included, city breaks, camping – the list goes on.
Arguably, one of the most relaxing and chilled-out holidays is one that is spent on-board one of the numerous cruise ships that frequent the oceans of the world. If you fancy the idea of traveling at a more slowed-down pace, and in great comfort, then a cruise might be something you should seriously consider for your next holiday.

I recently found a great site where I can wile away the days dreaming of one fabulous cruise after another.  Now I know I live in Hawaii so most would think I have no reason for an escape but I assure you, even paradise needs escaping some times.  Now I have never taken a cruise but the idea of just jumping on board and not worrying about anything until you leave has had some serious appeal lately.

In order to make the process of finding your ideal cruise holiday that much easier, Dealchecker created the Cruise Plotter – a brand new interactive map that helps you to compare deals from all of the big cruise companies to over 200 destination around the world.  I am really picky when it comes to visual format and I loved this site.  I knew it was something I needed to share!

The home page of the Cruise Plotter displays a map of the world with buttons that you can click on in order to zoom in on that part of the world – right down to a particular city. Once you have made the inevitably difficult decision of choosing where you want to go, the Cruise Plotter will bring up a list of all the cruises either traveling to, going through, or leaving from that particular location. You can then filter these results by price, cruise provider, duration and date in order to quickly find the perfect itinerary for your voyage. How simple is that?

So, if you feel like your next holiday is well overdue, have a look at the Cruise Finder and see if you can find your perfect cruise vacation. Bon voyage!

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