How to find a "real" Christmas tree on the Big Island of Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii can be magical!  All the things people are jealous of are true.  We wear shorts and flip flops (slippers), swim in the ocean, and have that perfect paradise weather.  But as with most things in paradise it isn't totally perfect, almost though.

Being from the Northeast I am used to a few standard things to make a true Christmas feeling.  One of them is cold weather, something I don't actually miss too much but certainly something that makes it hard to get in the spirit.  And the other thing is a Christmas tree.  More specifically a live tree that we cut down ourselves locally.  Nothing beats that amazing pine scent to kick your Christmas spirit into high gear.

This is our second year in Hawaii and I have realized just how hard it is to find a tree to cut down and enjoy.  There are artificial trees available and loads of Pinterest craft options to make yourself but for me it has to be a real, live tree!  I have a feeling I am not alone in that thought. The other option here on the Big Island is to buy one that has been shipped in at Home Depot or Walmart. That can work but personally I hate the footprint that shipping from the mainland entails and it misses the outdoors experience of picking one with your family and cutting it down yourself.

So what is a family to do?? 

For the past 2 years now I have tracked down a wonderful little mini tree farm near Pahoa and that is where we go to get our tree.  Here is how to find it:
  • Head towards Pahoa town, located on the Hilo side.  
  • Just past Longs turn Lt onto KahaKai Rd.
  • Follow that down around a sharp corner until you see Da Store on the Rt hand side
  • Just past Da Store take a Lt onto Puni Mauka Loop North
  • Follow along until you reach Ina Street where you will again take a Lt
  • Only a few houses down on the Lt you will see the trees and a sign indicating you are in the right spot!

It is a small family run facility so they are only open from 3:30pm to 6pm.  They have 2 different types of trees, the Hawaiian standard Norfolk Pine, any size for $20 and the Portuguese Cypress tree (more like the pines you may be used to in the North) that are priced by size.  To give an example though we bought a 6 foot tree and it was $30. Quite reasonable in my opinion.

The Norfolk type
When you arrive feel free to walk around so you can decide.  Someone will come out and greet you, then after you pick one they will measure it and cut it however you like.  They can also help get it set on the car but I would suggest you bring some bungees or rope.

The finished product!

So there you have it!  The only true Christmas tree farm in the area that I have found.  Do you know another one?  Share in the comments below!

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