4 Great gifts for the animal lover

During the holiday season gift lists seem to be everywhere.  People write lists on best gifts for kids, best gifts for travelers, spouses, and so many types I couldn't possibly list them all.  I thought maybe we would try something a little different this year.

Since we've been settled down for the last year we have really enjoyed having pets again, or borrowing pets as we like to pet sit whenever we can, so I decided a pet lovers list would be fun!

Here is a short list I compiled, as an animal lover myself, that I think would make great gifts for the animal lover in your life.

Pet products
Anything an animal may need whether it's a bowl, a collar, a leash, a cage, or anything else that people need to care for their pets can be a great gift for a pet owner.

As an example, you may not think something like a leash is too big a deal or maybe you skip it as a gift idea because you figure if someone has a dog or cat they already have a leash but a nice leash is different, so why not go fancy?  Of course we have leashes already but I never go out of my way to get a really nice leash, it's just not something most people spend extra money on.
Such a cute gift package
You may also think that any leash will do but after trying the Lavien leather leashes I can assure you all of them are not created equally.  I have gone through so many leashes and between the size and strength of the dogs and the cheapness of the product nothing seems to last.  The Lavien leash is different.  It's made of durable leather so it's strong and comes in sizes appropriate to any size dog.  It also has really durable hardware that doesn't seem to rust at all.  That has been a huge problem we have run into especially for our Labrador retriever who likes to spend a lot of time in the water.  So having a nicer leash really can make the difference.

If not a leash maybe a nice ceramic dog bowl, a fun scratching post, or a bedazzled collar.  These can all be fun ideas and things most people don't buy for themselves or their furry friends.

Animal experiences
If it were me, this would be the gift I would most like. Over the past few years we have realized just how happy animals make us during all of our various animal experiences.  From elephant interactions to swimming with wild dolphins to spotting whales off the shores of Hawaii or swimming with massive sea turtles, we feel most happy when an animal is involved in our day.

If your animal lover travels those tours or experiences can sometimes be pricey so it would make a wonderful gift.  Think outside the box and research the area they are traveling to.  Sometimes you don't even need to look very far.  There are loads of animal havens around the country and there may even be one right in your community.

Personalized gifts
Really it could be anything.  A calendar of their favorite pet, a coffee mug, an apron...anything.  Most animal lovers, especially pet owners are pretty serious in the depth of their love for their furry friend.  If you go to Snapfish or Vista Print you can see loads of different options for a fun personal gift any pet lover would be sure to adore.

Charitable gift
I had never heard of this idea until just recently but I think it is wonderful.  If you have any philanthropist friends that happen to love animals then this would be the ideal gift idea for you.  You can buy a farm animal for an impoverished child, rescue a dog or cat via the aspca, send a donation in your friend or family member's name, or make a donation to a charitable organization that helps animals.  There are so many options you just need to keep an eye out for the right opportunity.   It's a wonderful way to say you care to your animal loving friend and to animals around the world!

For more great gift ideas be sure to check out this page!

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