Exploring Cambridge, Massachusetts on Foot

When it comes to being accepted into higher education, Cambridge may be the most popular spot in the world. However, despite its gorgeous weather and varied attractions and natural wonders, Cambridge has been overlooked as a travel destination. Cambridge is not just the home of Harvard and MIT. It's home to historic buildings (some dating back to the 17th century) museums, parks, affordable hotels, and theaters, all of which are accessible to travelers who love to beat the streets on foot.

Walk, Backpack, or Stroll
Those who fly into Cambridge from another urban location often scoff at the idea of traveling by foot around town when there are cars, taxis, buses, and other forms of transportation available. In Cambridge, going on a walk-about is a great way to see the town. Prevention Magazine even voted Cambridge the Best US City for Walking.

The town is flat and compact, perfect for walking from sight to sight. There is also excellent public transportation, but its mix of services, stores, parks, hotels, and workplaces means almost any destination is within easy access by foot. What's more, almost every street has a sidewalk, and most city streets have a speed limit under 30 miles an hour. 

Affordable Places to Stay in Cambridge
There are several nice, inexpensive places to stay in Cambridge, including hostels, like the Backpacker's Bargain Rock, the first building on School Street. It has a pool table and free Wi-Fi. Aside from hostels, there are great deals on some of the nicer hotels as well.

The Hyatt Regency Cambridge Overlooking Boston, and the Royal Sonesta Boston are luxurious hotels that quite often offer deals for less than $200. And the Best Western Plus Hotel Tria and Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Cambridge are close to both Harvard and MIT, as well as several excellent restaurants. They also offer deals that are perfect for the backpacking visitor.

Hike to the Attractions
One of the best things about Cambridge is all the great things you can do within walking distance of each other. The first thing you should do is to take a stroll down the paved pathways along the Charles River. Start at Kendall Square T-Stop and head toward the river, then turn west until you come to Kennedy Street. Enjoy the sailing and rowing down the river and the fantastic Boston skyline. At Kennedy Street make a right and you'll end up at Harvard Square where you can enjoy the historic charm and ambiance of the center of town. If you'd like, there are also sightseeing tours on the Charles and Boston Harbor.

Cambridge is a great place to stay while attending school, but it's also an excellent vacation spot. Check it out this year if you haven't already visited!

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