How To Take A Break From Perpetual Travelling (And Not Resent It!)

Traveling can be one of the greatest joys in life. For many of us there’s no grander thrill than to see everything the world has to offer, that’s why it’s no wonder that many have chosen to travel permanently their whole life. There are a lot of reasons to be a permanent traveler; some do it to find a better opportunity for work; some just want to go out there and explore and find their own adventures in life. But whatever the reason may be, perpetual traveling can be exhausting.

For it not to take its toll, some opt to settle down in one location for a certain time as a break from all the constant moving. But when is it time to give your passport a break, and how do you do it to make your life easier?

Find a spot that will make your heart beat faster and slower at the same time

I’ll start with the most important item. Are you a beach person? Or would you prefer to wake up to a view of the snowy caps of the local mountain range? Location is most important when it comes to putting away your nomad shoes for a little while. Pick a place that makes you fall in love every day, otherwise you’ll end up resenting your decision to stay.

Secure your resources
As a perpetual traveler, you should have a steady source of income. And this should come in two forms – in hard currency (strong, established currencies like dollars, euro, etc) and soft currency (the currency of developing countries, if you are in one) to give you financial security. But settling down for a while can eliminate the hassle of juggling part time gigs while on the road. As you shouldn’t aim for some sort of corporate ladder to climb or something long term, you can take this opportunity to find a full time job you love. And it always helps to have more than what you think you need.

Time to get the essentials
Since you’ll be sticking around for a while, it’s worth investing in items that will make your everyday life convenient, depending on how long you decide to stay. This may be in a form of a comfortable couch you can watch the game on, or a microwave oven you can use to heat up take out dinners. But always remember not to get carried away as it will make moving out a pain when the time comes, unless you do choose to stay for good! Should you decide to go ahead and fully furnish your transition home, remember that there are good people out there that are always ready to help you move. Excess baggage companies like World Baggage specialize in sea and air freighting overseas.

Soak it all in
Traveling may be a great life adventure but staying put for a while can also turn into an exploit just as exciting. Some people resent the fact that they are in one place for a long time because they think they are stuck in a rut but how you enjoy an experience depends entirely on your perspective and mind set. Staying put opens a lot of doors for you to fully experience the culture of the place and make new friends. You can also take this time to learn a new language which will give you more edge when you continue your journey around the world. Just remember to soak it all in!

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