5 gambling meccas great for a family vacation

Casino, or gambling trips, have been on the rise over the past few years.  Even though children cannot enjoy the casino floor there are quite a few locations around the world that offer so much more than just the casinos they are known for.

Can a gambling mecca work for a family vacation??

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I never did understand the idea of spending day after day in a casino.  So below I have compiled a list of great spots around the world to enjoy a beautiful casino while at the same time enjoying what the region has to offer.  Places that offer gambling and luxury for adults with great culture and adventure for kids of all ages.

I already covered US locations to enjoy casinos so no US areas made the list!  Everyone knows that Vegas and Atlantic city along with places like Monte Carlo are casino havens but what about the lesser known locations?  Can they, in fact, be family vacation spots?

You may want to do a practice run at an online casino first to brush up on those skills. Picking the right one can be a bit of a minefield though however there are some good guides out there to picking the right one.

Without further ado, here is my top 5 list of the lesser known casino hot spots around the world.  You can decide for yourself if you think it would make for a great family locale.

Mendoza, a beautiful mountain town located between wine country and the Andes mountains also offers one of the most beautiful casinos in the world.  State of the art facilities including a variety of table games and slot machines makes it a great spot for gambling while the general area offers skiing, hiking, water parks, biking, spas, wine tastings, and so much more.  I know my family would have a blast and that my husband and I would also enjoy a little gambling in the evening.

Mendoza is stunningly beautiful.  If you have more time you can visit surrounding areas as well as try your hand at learning Spanish or catch one of the regularly occurring festivals!

Have you heard of the Venetian in Las Vegas?  Well did you know there is a sister casino in China?  Me either.  Apparently you can get the same level of luxury and variety in China as you can in Vegas.  Well maybe not as much glitz but darn close.  The casinos in the area tick off all the boxes on what you'd like to see in any casino but it is the surroundings that make it a wonderful getaway for couples as well as families.

You can experience world class shopping, every type of spa treatment ever devised, as well as enjoy entertainment shows daily.  Macau is a huge city that offers many opportunities for culture and language acquisition.  Museums, beaches, and  hiking are available as are many exciting things to see and do in neighboring cities.  It is a long way to Beijing but hey, you are there anyway right?!

Do remember to work on your visas in plenty of time for your trip.  China is known for being difficult and time consuming in regards to obtaining visas.

South Africa
Personally I have been wanting to visit South Africa for a long time.  It is an iconic area in Africa and offers so much diversity there is no way anyone could be bored.  Everything from safaris and UNESCO heritage sites to diving, surfing and everything in between is available in this amazing corner of the world.

Unbeknownst to me there is also quite a casino mecca there as well.  Sun City, a beautiful resort in the mountains is just one example.  There you can enjoy every casino game and slot machine imaginable.  You can also enjoy water sports, movie theaters, safaris, jazz clubs, and shopping.  A little bit of something for everyone and I never even knew it!

When I think of Canada I usually envision cold and the great outdoors.  While that is what a lot of the country is like, there is also much more to it, from cosmopolitan cities to gaming meccas.   Montreal, located in the Eastern province of Quebec is considered to be the cultural and economic capital.

Gaming is a huge business in this area so there will be no shortage of casinos and games to keep busy.  While you are not gambling you and/or the family can enjoy a great number of alternate activities.  There is history and culture in Old Montreal, museums and underground malls downtown, street art to admire around every corner, skiing, sating, and even a huge theme park to enjoy in the summer. 

Aruba has an entirely different feel than the other countries/areas I previously mentioned.  It is a Caribbean island so beautiful water, ocean activities, and relaxing in the sun are going to be the main ways that families can enjoy their time outside of the casino.  You can also enjoy natural pools, lighthouses, an aloe factory, bird sanctuaries, and butterfly farms.  There are even a couple of shipwrecks you can explore!

That being said all of Aruba's main resorts have casinos and the age for entrance is 18 as opposed to 21 in the United States.  Aruba's casinos offer all the favorite table games and slots as well as some that are unique to the island, but some casinos are not open 24 hours so be sure to factor that into your scheduling.

So what do you think?  Do these gambling meccas make for great family vacation spots?

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