Weekend Ski Breaks Are Kinda Perfect When You Don’t Adore The Cold!

If you follow us on Facebook you might have seen our recent posts where we finally got ourselves up the mountainside to enjoy some snow in Hawaii! (You don’t follow us on Facebook yet? Click here to join the cool club and get all our up to the minute info!)

It was absolutely amazing to see snow in Hawaii with our own eyes. And not just a smattering of snowflakes that leave everything muddy and slushy. But proper snowfall of over six inches, making the landscape, and our photos, look like we were at a ski resort!

While we had one of the most fun-filled days I can remember, we realized that we aren’t great lovers of cold climates. There’s a reason that we’ve roamed for the last few years through fairly warm countries. It was no accident, I can tell you!

But since snow is so much fun it has made me think that weekend ski breaks are kind of perfect getaways for those who don’t completely adore the cold.

A weekend on the slopes is just enough time to drink warm drinks next to the fireplace. It’s the perfect amount of time to get in some skiing (or lessons – as may be the case!) Just a few days gives you the chance to make a snowman, toboggan down a hill with the kids and wear your winter clothes that may have been packed away getting dusty. Scarves, beanies, boots and winter jackets are great to snuggle into when the cold wind blows and wonderful to take off and pile up when it’s time to relax in front of a crackling fire.

Should you hit the slopes as a couple then a weekend in the snow can be a perfect break that gives you time out in new surroundings and just enough time to explore an even smaller ski resort. You might choose to get up early and explore ever little corner or you might decide to treat yourself to a little luxury and enjoy a sleep in and a spa session in the afternoon.

Just because you’re at a ski resort doesn’t mean you have to ski. Pregnant women can enjoy a few days relaxing in a snow resort while their partner gets in all the skiing they can manage. What better way to relax than reading a book, getting a massage, drinking hot chocolate and gazing out at everyone else working hard on the slopes!

If you’re not too sure how you’ll cope with the cold try your own weekend ski break and see how you like it. You might just discover you’ve got a taste for it and a few more weekends should be spent curled up by the fire this year.

For those who discover they really do prefer warm weather a weekend isn’t long enough to make them miserable, just long enough to let them try it out and be sure.

Should the opportunity present itself I’m sure my boys would love a weekend of skiing and tobogganing adventures some time in the future.

How about you? Do you like a weekend away in the cold? When was the last time you managed to go exploring on a weekend?

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  1. I hate the cold more and more each year, and figure that some day we'll go back to snow (we are from Canada) when we 'choose' to be in the snow. I prefer it that way.

    1. I agree, it is so much nicer when you have a choice!

  2. Snow in Hawaii?! I never knew that could happen! Thanks for the tips, I am definitely not a lover of the cold, but hubby is, these might come in handy one day :-)

    1. I know, pretty crazy right?! I will write up a full post on just that soon! It actually snows almost every year here in Hawaii!