Island Holidays: Why You Should Give Them A Go

An island holiday can be a different kind of break to add to your repertoire. Going to an island is not the same as holidaying on the mainland for a variety of reasons and we thought we’d give you the top ones right here!

So why should you give an island holiday a go?

First you have the transport part. Getting to an island can be half the adventure! Depending on the size of the island you are visiting you might even find yourself on a smaller plane than you are used to. Many people have never travelled in a light aircraft. I know for me it was really scary the first time we took a flight to Maui on a 9 seater plane but as it turned out it was a great flight.  The smaller planes usually fly a lot lower offering great visibility!  How great to add something else to the list of experiences you have had?

Maybe you need to take a ferry from the mainland. Or perhaps you need to travel in a slow boat or on a speedboat. All fun ways to travel that could make for good travel stories. And don’t think for a second that you can’t drive to an island. Even without a bridge to connect you, occasionally you can locate ferries that carry cars to islands too.

New cultures can be a great thing on an island and should not be passed up. A great example of island adventure is Tenerife.

Depending on the size of your island, different food or limited quantities of some foods can mean you get to try a lot of cuisines you’re not used to. Maybe there are a couple of fruits or vegetables that grow on the island you will visit. You might find these are included in almost every dish and things you’ve become used to are completely unavailable. Bigger tourist islands will most likely not have any issues with this as fresh food is often flown in regularly.

Maybe all the food needs to be shipped in to the island you will visit. This means some things will be fresher on certain days as they have recently arrived. Remember to be guided by the locals in times like these. They will have adapted to eating what is best on certain days and creating food that uses the best ingredients for the times. This is a great way to try new food you might never eat otherwise!

Water sports will most likely be a big part of island life. Whether that means swimming, boating and any manner of other activities are freely offered or whether there’s plenty of local fishing available for you to enjoy. Either way, island life is generally heavily influenced by water activities.

The music played on an island can be distinctly different to what you are used to. Music is a universal language and can be a great way to meet new people too. If you are remotely musical yourself, island living will most likely give you a chance to make new friends everywhere you go!

An island holiday is generally perceived as a relaxing break for the family. Your kids might even be able to explore with a little bit more freedom than your usual city break allows. And ‘island time’ is something you will quickly get used to. So much so that you just might decide to stay for good!

Have you been on your own island holiday? What did you like best about island living?

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