Declutter your life and fund your love of travel

If you’re reading this on your computer at home, take a moment to look around the room and pick out items that you don’t really use. Or pieces of furniture that you’ve never really liked.

These unwanted bits and pieces that are cluttering up your living space could be the means of funding your next travel adventure. Why not get rid of them and put the proceeds towards a plane ticket to a destination that you’ve been dreaming of all your life?

Make your life more about experiences rather than stuff!  We made this change and actually sold every single possession we had a few years ago.  It has changed our lives in so many amazing ways!  But even if you don't plan to get rid of it all, getting rid of some of your stuff immediately buys you just a little more freedom in your life and that is always a great thing!

What should I sell?
If you can’t remember the last time you used something or why you own it - that means you can survive without it.

It’s a lengthy and often boring process, but take a full weekend to sort through the house (including cupboards, garages and lofts) to find anything that you think might be worth something. Don’t assume that because your house isn’t full of old furniture or oil paintings, that you don’t have anything of value to sell. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and those old board games and toys could be valuable to a collector.

How much is it worth?
Before you decide the best means of selling something, it’s worth getting an idea of how much it’s worth. This will help you to make a sensible asking price and prevents the risk of you selling something for buttons - when it’s actually worth a fortune!

Website likes offer quick valuation services for anyone selling antiques or art, although they can also help if you want to sell things like musical instruments, toys and other items that we all have in our houses. Simply take a photo, upload it and the item will be valued by an expert dealer.
It’s also worth checking sites like eBay and Amazon to see if there are any similar items for sale and if so, how much they’re going for.  Keep in mind the condition of the item, that heavily influences how much an item is worth.

How should I sell it?
How you decide the sell your clutter and make the cash to pay for that ticket to the Maldives, all depends on what it is you’ve got to sell.

If you’re mainly offloading bulkier items like furniture and artwork, your best option is an auction or again, sites like eBay. For things that you believe to be of value, you should approach specialist collectors. In this situation, you’ll need to keep your wits about, as experienced dealers will sniff out uncertainty and try to persuade you that your item is worth less than you know it to be. Stand firm and refer to this advice to selling antiques and valuable items.

Also take your time if you can.  Someone in a hurry to sell will often times not get all that the item is worth.  If you can wait for the right buyer and the right price you will most likely do much better from a financial standpoint.

Finally, if the only things you’ve managed to dig out are old clothes, unwanted DVDs and CDs, and a collection of bits and pieces, then a good old fashioned car boot sale could be where you make your money.

Selling your clutter might not cover the cost of your dream trip, but it could contribute something. What’s more, you’ll get a lot of satisfaction from getting rid of the things cluttering up your home, even if it does just cover the cost of the taxi ride to the airport!

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