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Even though we’ve slowed down a bit and will be moving around a lot less in the near future, the search for accommodation continues. No matter where you are living, or for how long, there’s always those little thoughts of ‘where will we go next?’ And when we get there, where will we stay?

And so it is that we are always considering different types of accommodation. Hotels, motels, housesits and even caravans are considered. The listings of holiday caravans for sale can have you lost for hours!  In fact it may be the perfect answer to our dilemmas of settling down vs traveling.  If we own our own caravan then we could sort of do both!

Our Australian caravan rental
Searching for holiday caravans for sale can be the best fun ever! You get to browse all the ones you know you absolutely can’t afford and dream about all those amazing accessories. Microwaves, flat screen TV’s, satellite dishes and electronic awnings are all cool extras that most people end up doing without but secretly wishing for.  I like to look at them all and put together a massive wish list, maybe we could check them off one at a time.

And when you have finished drooling about that gold RV with the ceiling that completely opens, you can move on to the section that you know fits right into your price bracket. Searching online is so convenient and it’s really hard to imagine how hard this was before we all had easy access to the Internet.  I often complain about what an annoying aspect of travel all the searching is but without the Internet I cannot even imagine!

Finding accommodation is easy. There’s always something available no matter where you happen to end up. Even when there’s a major event on in a certain city, you’ll find there is always somewhere to stay. The problem is generally that you’re not prepared to pay the price that’s asked in peak times or the price that’s expected for a family of 5, the comfort level is not there, or perhaps the location stinks.

Ice hotel  (wiki)
If you could take cost out of the equation the never ending accommodation search would be a fabulous adventure and you’d want to search for new places every day! Imagine there was no budget to stick to?
  • Like the look of that family suite in the 5 star hotel? Just book it!
  • Want to try out that ice hotel where you can see the stars from your bed? Sign yourself up and choose your dates!
  • Ever imagined staying in a hotel shaped like a dog? Definitely something new!
  • How about that tree house with butler service? Can you imagine how much 3 boys would love staying in a tree house? And what mischief a poor butler would have to endure? It really would be a fabulous adventure.
  • Did you know there are even Flintstone themed hotels in Thailand?  Now to introduce that blast from the past to the kids so they get it.
  • How about the underwater hotels in the Maldives?  I mean if your going to stay in paradise why not go top of the line?
For all that talk of no budgets and fabulous accommodation we are always happy to try out a new place within our price range and make it our own, if only for a few days. And we are always excited to stay in an accommodation type we haven’t tried before.  Get creative and there is no telling what you may find!

What’s the most interesting type of accommodation you’ve ever used? Would you ever stay in a tree house or a dog shaped hotel?

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