Imagine The Convenience Of An All-Inclusive Resort!

If you spend any time at all looking through accommodation deals on the Internet then you’ve more than likely come across the lure of an all-inclusive resort at some point. Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s worth the money. Perhaps you’re not sure if you would actually like it?

If these questions have gone through your head and stopped you booking an all-inclusive up to this point we’re here to explain exactly how they work and what you can expect to find.  Kind aren’t we?

As the name would suggest, all-inclusive means that your expenses are all covered.

You book and pay and then theoretically don’t have to pay any more for anything once you arrive. If you’re on a strict budget for your holiday or you have a history or overspending once you arrive at your destination, this can be the perfect way for you to have a break.

So what exactly is included at an All-Inclusive Resort?
Generally your hotel room, food, drink and activities are included in your nightly all-inclusive fee. There’s quite a bit of variety between resorts so it’s worth checking exactly what is included before you book.

Food is the big item that can make or break a resort. There’s generally at least one buffet and one a la carte restaurant option that are included for you. Check beforehand whether you need to make reservations so you are not disappointed.

Many resorts include room service where you only pay a small fee for delivery. Drinks packages can be basic beer, wine and soda packages while some resorts include basic spirits as well.
Basic activities are usually included. Things like tennis, volleyball, pedal boats and sailing are all fun things you might not normally do and it’s a great idea to try them all out.

What’s not included at an all-inclusive resort?
Generally anything that you need to pay extra for will be clearly outlined so you don’t accidentally incur an extra charge. There’s no way a hotel wants to argue with every guest on checkout day!

Motorised water sports and bike hire is generally an extra fee as are things like spa services. If you want a special bottle of wine or a more expensive spirit these are generally available and you would need to pay the extra fee. In the restaurants you’ll normally find a menu with clear information about what is included and what is an extra charge so it should be easy to keep to your budget.

Kids and the all-inclusive resort
If you’re traveling with kids the all-inclusive style of holiday can give them an extra feeling of freedom. Kids can generally order a soda at any of the restaurants and some places even include free ice cream for kids!

The Tamassa Mauritius even includes a kids club in their deal. There’s two separate kids clubs; for kids up to 12 years and for those 12-17 years. These clubs have long opening hours (9am-10pm) so there’s sure to be a period in there where your kids can visit and meet other kids.

The beauty of a kids club means the adults can enjoy an hour or two reading their book by the pool without having to constantly count heads in the water! Having said that, try not to be the parent who asks to leave their child in the kids club from 9am until close! That’s really bad form!

As you can see, an all-inclusive resort is a great way to be sure how much your holiday is going to cost and helps so you don't need to always have money on you, especially by the pool or on the beach. Most resorts that offer this type of getaway have a luxury feel too, so you’ll be getting the best of both worlds!

Have you ever tried an all-inclusive resort? What did you think?

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