Alicante: The Spanish Destination With A Little Bit Of Everything

Have you ever admired beautiful ocean pictures set in Spain? Brilliant blue waters, sun kissed white sands and ports packed with pretty boats? Chances are you were looking at photographs taken in Alicante!

This historical Mediterranean port, which is ranked as the second largest Valencian city, has some of the most beautiful scenery in Spain. Situated in the Costa Blanca, Alicante is a holiday destination that provides a little bit of everything for your family holiday.

Flights to Alicante are super easy to book and mean you can be in Alicante in under 3 hours depending on where you fly from in the UK. If you want a warm beach holiday and aren’t used to travelling too far, this could be the perfect destination for you.

You can spend your time lazing on the beautiful beaches and taking hundreds of your own photographs to add to your collection. There are some lovely locations to choose from and you won’t be lonely as beach vacations are one of the top reasons that visitors come to Alicante.

When you need a break from sunbathing you won’t have to go far to explore the historic quarter. There are many buildings to admire in the old quarter that date back several centuries. There are many museums to visit in Alicante that could keep you busy for several days. If you are into artwork you can even view paintings in the museums by Picasso!

If you’ve planned a holiday with absolutely no cooking then Alicante will be just the right choice for you! There are plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can feed the whole family and not have to venture into a kitchen one single time. There are also bars for you to explore if a little bit of nightlife is high on your list of holiday must-haves.

Should you be keen to do the tourist thing take the TuriBus through the city to get a feel for the layout of the city. There are nine stops for you to explore and the commentary is provided in 5 languages; English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. The bus runs every day except Mondays and leaves on the hour from 10am.

Many people like to visit local markets when they are on vacation and Alicante will not disappoint if that’s what you would like to see. The central market is contained in a two level building where you can wander through the stalls. Many of the best restaurants source their foods from these fresh food markets and there are also local souvenirs and handmade items to browse. Take note that the market is closed on Sundays.

Explanada de EspaƱa is well worth visiting for the mosaic tiled floor containing 6,600,000 coloured tiles. There is often entertainment geared towards families and children in this area.

As you can see Alicante has much to offer anyone wishing to visit for a short vacation. With so much to do you might just need to extend the amount of time you plan to spend in this popular Spanish city!

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