Waikiki, Hawaii 4th of July Fireworks without the Crowd

As the 4th of July approached we were all really excited.  My sister in law would be here visiting and it would be the first time in 7 years that we would actually be in the United States to celebrate.

Although it would have been great to enjoy a fun, friend filled picnic, the real party for us is the fireworks. We have been lucky enough to enjoy fireworks all over the world for various celebrations throughout the year.  It never gets old for us though, so when we heard the Ala Moana fireworks in Waikiki were great on 4th of July, we couldn't miss them.

As a family though we are not too amped on big crowds.  I knew that Ala Moana park would be packed and that parking would be impossible, not to mention he traffic. Oh good lord the traffic on this island.  So an alternate plan needed to be hatched.

Don't forget your digging tools!

Sand Island kept coming up every place I researched so we decided to give that a go.  It is a recreational beach park just outside of Honolulu.

As you pull into the park drive down about 1/2 a mile or so and pull off on the left hand side.  The park is usually closed in the evening but they keep it open a few extra hours so people can enjoy the show from a distance.

We missed all the traffic and all the crowds.   There were plenty of other families enjoying the show but it was so spread out out that it was never an overwhelming feeling.  We even got out of there within 10 minutes of the show ending.

The view was perfect, allowing us to see the fireworks but not be right under them.  A win win in our book! If you are looking for a low key way to watch the show I definitely suggest heading out to Sand Island Beach Park!

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