5 Best Ways to Get a Hotel Room Upgrade When Checking In

When booking a hotel room, you may find that you’re willing to go without certain special features, but of course, they’d be nice to have during your stay. Thankfully, with these tips in mind, you can greatly increase your chances of getting a hotel room upgrade when checking in, so you can have an even more enjoyable experience than you originally planned.

Be Loyal to a Hotel
One of the best ways to get a hotel room upgrade when checking in is to consistently go to the same hotel or chain of hotels.  Many hotels offer free loyalty programs so you can accumulate points to use towards a free hotel room upgrade.

When you are making your reservation at a hotel, it can also help to let the staff know that you have stayed at that hotel or hotel chain before. Hotels understand that it’s more affordable to keep a repeat customer happy than to work on acquiring new customers. So, they often will give special treatment and deals to customers who have been to their hotel before.

Keep in Mind if it’s a Special Occasion
If you’re booking a hotel for a special occasion, you should definitely let the desk attendant know when you are checking in. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, the hotel may be very happy to offer a bonus upgrade to make your experience even better while staying at their property.

Don’t Choose the Cheapest Room
If you’re hoping to get a room upgrade when checking in, your chances will be greatly limited if you book the cheapest room at the hotel. The more expensive a hotel room you book initially, the more likely the hotel staff will be willing to upgrade your room.

Stay at the Right Time
The time of your hotel stay can definitely help the chances of getting a hotel room upgrade when checking in. This includes the time of year, time of week, and time of day you’re staying. It is best to travel during the off-peak seasons of your destinations and on weekdays, when hotels have more rooms available. It is also best to arrive after 6pm if you are hoping to easily get a room upgrade, as the hotel has a better idea of what rooms are likely to stay empty the later the evening goes on.

Ask for an Upgrade
One of the most overlooked options to get something you want is to simply ask for it. It certainly can’t hurt. Once you reach the front desk to check in, simply ask the desk attendant if it’s possible to get a room upgrade. Another tip to increase the likelihood of getting a room upgrade is to ask for a specific type of upgrade, such as if you would like a bigger room, a refrigerator, or Internet access. It may also help to let them know that you’d be willing to pay for the upgrade by asking for the cost. This will make the staff more likely to listen, and you still may get your request for free!

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  1. I consider few things when i book any hotel room during my trips, it should be centrally located, well decorated and very clean …

  2. Mostly I consider about the cleanliness when booking hotel rooms.