Travel Accessories for Flying and Swimming....a Product Review

We have been doing a lot of flying over the past few months.  One overnight flight from Malaysia to Australia and then just 1 week later a flight over to Hawaii, again overnight.  It can be really miserable having such long flights but luckily we are seasoned pros at this now.

Perhaps the worst affliction when it comes to flying great distances is jet lag.  Jet lag is un avoidable in some situations but again being pros at this whole travel thing now we have learned that one of the best ways to beat it is to actually get some real sleep while flying, especially for those overnight flights.  Not always easy to do!

The generous people at the offered to help us out with the sleeping part by sending us a great new travel bundle they are offering.  We were able to use all the products in the packs and really enjoyed them all.  There is an adult bundle and a children's bundle and they retail for around $40 per adult bundle and $50 per child bundle.

So what do you get and how does that help make the flight smoother???  Read on!

Adult Bundle for Flying

  • Neck pillow Minnie with removable case (Bucky) The pillow is filled with natural millet hulls which can help relieve body aches, stimulate metabolism, ans improve the immune system.  Millet does not compress under pressure so it held its shape well.  It comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning, as well as a snap and go to attach to luggage.  That option is very helpful as we have lost many travel pillows in the past. It was a very comfortable pillow and although small it served its purpose.  I would think a full size pillow would offer the utmost in comfort and may be better than the mini!
  • Bucky eye mask (40 Blinks)  I love a good eye mask as light shining on me while already struggling to sleep is enough to drive me crazy.  On a plane there really is no controlling the lights around you so an eye mask is essential in my opinion.  This particular mask was amazing; super light, latex free, and a molded shape to avoid pressure on the eyes.  It also has an adjustable strap which was nice so we could all take turns. 
  • Ear plugs (Cirrus Ear Planes) These are not sound reducing ear plugs (which I think are also very helpful)  but more of a help to reduce the discomfort of take off and landing.  These plugs are made of hypoallergenic, latex free silicone.  They are noise reduction rated to 20 decibels (I have foam ones that are better though on noise reduction) and what they do is naturally regulate air pressure with its unique design.  That makes it a nice option for high mountain drives as well although I am not sure they are worth the cost for a road trip.  They did work to help reduce the ear pain I get on landing, much better than the old plug and blow trick I was using before.  I only wish they could be used multiple times but because of dust and particles they are disposable after 1 round trip flight.

Children's Bundle for flying and swimming (boys 1-9)  

For children on long flights any help you can get is welcome relief.  My boys sleep pretty well but again any help just makes the whole process that much easier.  My youngest was thrilled with the Sponge bob ear plugs and I know they also offer a Hello Kitty version for anyone who would rather have that.

  • Nap time Pillow (Bucky Roo) The nap time pillow is also made with the millet hulls I spoke of earlier.  This version of the pillow is rectangular and not the neck type you get in the adult kit.  We loved it and still use it as an extra pillow where ever we go.  The pillow also comes with a removable cover for easy washing.  Only downside was the smell the millet gives off, hard for my little guy to get used to at first but after a couple washings it is much better.
  • Ear plugs child size (Ear planes Cirrus)  Again these are the same as the ones in the adult pack just sized smaller to fit in a smaller canal.  My 5 year old was uncomfortable at first but tolerated them staying in and seemed to do much better with these than without.
  • Sponge bob Square pants pillow soft ear plugs  These ear plugs are meant for swimming and are wonderful for kids that have or had tubes.  We used them on the flight as noise reducing plugs and they worked great.  My son has not had tubes so he does not typically require them for swimming.  We did try them out though in the pool and they worked well at keeping water out and staying in place with the headband.  He thought it was great fun on the plane and it did keep nearly all the jet noise to a minimum.
  • Ear band-It Ultra The band is for use when using the swimming ear plugs.  It is a cover to hold them in place. Made of custom designed neoprene, they will last quite some time going in and out of water.  Again this is not something we typically need.  In all honesty I think it would be nicer to just have ear plugs rather than this kind where you also need to wear the band.  My boys are too active in the pool for it to be a good option but that is just us.  If this is something you do require for your child I found it was an effective and high quality option.
We all enjoyed the contents of the packs.  The only thing I would suggest would be to change the mini pillow to a full size one.  Other then that it was a great packet to carry traveling and certainly helped us ease into a restful evening of sleep as well as protect our ears!

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