Yet Another New Family Travel Plan

Well we are at it again!  Changing our minds seems to be what we do best and since we are not in Vietnam right now, there is a new plan emerging...

We decided to head back to Penang, Malaysia to settle for a few months, find an apartment, and save some money.  Constant travel is so much fun, but when we aren't saving anything making a big jump to Europe seems to be a fantasy, or so I have been told (sigh).  So here I sit in our apartment plotting out our new plan.

As it stands now, and do not ever hold me to it, our plan is to move the opposite way!  I spent one crazy, fantasy-filled evening plotting it all out.

Ideally we want to visit friends and family in the U.S. next fall. September and October are the best times to be in New England with warm days, an evening chill perfect for jeans and sweaters, and a picturesque countryside of leaves changing to brilliant colors.

So we decided a while ago that no matter which way we go, or where we stop along the way, that the goal was to get there for September 2013. We haven't visited in years!

The original plan was to head to Europe, Turkey first, and explore the area over the next year and eventually fly to New York in September. While in Cambodia we met some new friends who are also traveling nomads. To our surprise they generously offered their home to us if we ever get to Australia. This was all I needed to go full bore into a wild new plan.  It takes very little as you can see.

So the tentative plan, at the moment, is as follows:

You guessed it, first stop Sydney!
Australia: When we are ready to leave Malaysia around mid-January, we will fly from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney (possibly stopping off in Bali). My sister in-law and nephew are coming out to visit in February and Australia would be a great spot for them to explore with us.  We may need a few months to see all of the amazing things Australia has to offer.

How could we not see this?  New Zealand is incredibly beautiful!
New Zealand:  Next, we may as well stop in New Zealand, I mean it's right there!  Not sure of any specifics yet, but the flights are cheap from OZ to NZ. This is a dream location of mine with its stunning natural beauty. You've seen Lord of the Rings right??  Must. See. This. Country.

Hawaii:  Now since we are making our way slowly over to mainland USA, a stop off in Hawaii for some surfing seems perfect. I went to my best friend's wedding in Hawaii years ago without the rest of the family and they have never let me live it down. They are dying to go and I loved it so much I will be happy to spend a week or 2 relaxing on the spectacular beaches watching my boys surf!

Mainland USA: The first plan was to fly into LAX and rent a car to drive across to CT.  As I broke news of this entire plan that Dylan and I concocted, the first thing out of Jeff's mouth was, "lets get a camper and drive across Canada instead". SOLD!!  So now we'll rent a camper in Northern California drive up through Oregon (visit good friends we have there) and Washington state, where we will cross into Canada. Can you believe I've never been to Canada, heh??

Canada:  Hopefully we will get to Canada for June when the weather will be more bearable. We don't really "do" cold weather anymore, so the timing of this plan should work well season wise. We'll take the summer to drive across Canada and head back down into the U.S. in New York. This should put us in CT just when we planned to be there.

The plan brings us to the same destination at the same time as planned, but just by way of slow traveling the Pacific instead of Europe.

We'll spend 2 months or so in CT visiting and reconnecting with family and friends while we plot out the next move. South America, Europe, anywhere really. We'll decide that a few days before we are leaving :)

This whole plan will, of course, hinge on us finding cheap international flights.  It is by far the hardest and most financially burdening aspect to our travels.  We will most likely head which ever direction affords us better fares.  Either way it will be a great year!

Images thanks to Wiki Commons!

What do you think?  Which way would you go, Europe or Australia?

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! We are currently traveling accross Canada and then the States and Mexico. We have crossed Canada 3 times now. Let me know if we can be of any help!

  2. Im going to say ... head through to Europe then to the US instead.. BUT, that is only because I am from Australia and think Europe is vastly more amazing.
    You could go through Europe, to Canada/US then to Hawaii and into Australia.

    1. Yes, we could and that would also be wonderful! But the timing just doesn't work out as well for us! You never know though...nothing set in stone:)...ever!