Rent Your House Out While Traveling the World

Have you always wanted to travel the world at your leisure but never had the time or money?  It's difficult to imagine when you're in the midst of your career with obligations like mortgages and other expenses to break away for a few months or longer to explore the globe.

Yet, as you approach retirement age and your house is nearly paid off, planning a trip around the world can feel like a rebirth. After many long years of monotony, don't you think it's time for a rejuvenating adventure?

Imagine sampling wine and cheese on a tour through the picturesque Italian countryside, exploring the ancient ruins in Turkey and Greece, mingling with the Buddhist monks in India, Nepal and Southeast Asia, snorkeling in the crystal clear warm waters of the Maldives, or frolicking with monkeys on the beaches of Costa Rica. Imagine the pictures and stories you'll accumulate.

There is so much to see and do, and it's never too late or early to start planning your trip. Life is short and the sooner we start living it to the fullest, the happier we become.

Our golden years usually present us with the best financial position to consider such a journey, but we also typically require a bit more comforts than when we were spry young backpackers.

If you've finished paying for your house or even if you haven't, there are services that will help you rent your home for vacations. These services can even help you find comfortable cottages to rent during your travels, while the income you make from your home will offset your travel expenses.

Indeed, many people feel more comfortable having someone occupy their home when they're on vacation to collect the mail, feed the pets, tend to the basic maintenance, and generally secure the grounds.  In fact, most people have to pay for trustworthy house sitters while traveling.

To find a way to actually benefit from this dilemma is as priceless as the endless and enriching experiences gained from traveling the world.  Even if you have the resources to gallivant around the world in style while maintaining an empty home, why not be smart about it and reap the benefits?

The additional income will allow you to afford more luxury during travel.  After years of being responsible and diligently saving your hard-earned income for this ultimate experience, you shouldn't feel like you need to sacrifice any more than is necessary.

If there was any time in your life to splurge on an experience, this is it.  But it is wise to use the discipline that got you this far in life to make the most of it.

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