Escape to Gran Canaria Island for a Last Minute Holiday

Las Canteras Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
The daily grind of work and extracurricular obligations can really takes its toll.  Getting up at the same time each morning with the same routine but always with new challenges and obstacles, wears us out.  We aren't built for such a mundane lifestyle. The stress and anxiety will inevitably cause us to burn out, which can lead to mental depression and even physical health problems.

That is precisely why laws are written to ensure we are allotted holiday and sick time from our jobs.  Many of us usually spend that time laying around the house trying to recharge our batteries.  Sometimes it's because we can't afford to go anywhere exotic during our time off, and other times we may not even have the energy to research if any affordable last minute holidays exist.

For those who reside in Europe, this should never be the case as there are ample affordable options to explore an exciting new destination. One place to blow off some steam without breaking the bank is cheap holidays to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, off the coast of Spain.

Just a short 4-hour flight from London and a short jump from most other European hubs, Gran Canaria makes for the perfect quick getaway.

This culturally diverse island offers plenty of affordable accommodations and a massive selection of restaurants to choose from.  The southern coast of the island is filled with resorts that cater to all price ranges and personal tastes. From luxury to discount lodging, you'll still find much needed pampering during your holiday.

The largest city on the island, Las Palmas, is overflowing with architectural beauty.  As the second largest populated city in Spain, there is an amazing selection of attractions and ways to unwind.  See the wonderful diversity of the city in the video below:

The large island is also brimming with natural beauty as well as the modern conveniences of the city.  Towering mountains frame the landscape in every direction and ancient pine forests make for excellent hiking. It's semi-arid low lying areas offer rolling sand dunes and interesting wildlife.

The sub-tropical climate makes for the perfect escape during the winter months, but some areas in the highlands requires warm clothing as it can get quite cool there.

Dunas de Maspalomas

The Gran Canaria offers every activity you would expect from a premium holiday destination including some unique experiences like learning to surf.  Whatever your favorite pastime, whether golf, scuba diving or snorkeling, hiking or biking, or just chilling on the beach with an umbrella drink; you'll find it at Gran Canaria.

So, if you desperately need of a break from work and want to unwind a bit, you'll be happy to discover that the Gran Canaria provides everything you would want in a last minute vacation at an affordable price.

Images Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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  1. The Canary islands is one of the most beautiful places one could travel while in Europe. And like you said in the post, it really affordable as well. Great post