Digital Nomads Lead The Wireless Generation (Movie Trailer)

The new documentary about the rise of digital nomads, The Wireless Generation, is headed to the Sundance Film Festival. Filmmakers Drew and Christine Gilbert are full-time nomads and internet entrepreneurs who explore the world for a living.

The Wireless Generation takes a look at some of the pioneers of this alternative lifestyle of permanent adventure. View the trailer below and visit their KickStarter fundraiser to help them get to Sundance and distribute the film.

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  1. This movie looks incredible!! It's such a movement, and I am happy to be a part of it!

  2. Thanks guys! All the support is truly appreciated, you guys rock!

    The only thing I would note is that it's not a foregone conclusion that Sundance will have us:) We are hopeful, but our aim is to submit and cross our fingers and pray to God, Allah and Tom Cruise.

    Again, thanks a ton. Sundance or not, if we make our funding we will be touring this around the US, and every eyeball that sees this is a huge boost.


  3. Thanks for the clarification Drew, they would be crazy not to accept it!