Animals of Australia

Australia's well known for its unusual variety of animals. The birds range from the beautiful, brightly coloured parrots, like the rainbow lorikeet. These birds are actually quite common in some parts of Australia, and they make quite a noise while feeding on fruits in the forest.

These two birds of prey were seen in north-eastern South Australia while this region of the desert was in flood. It's usually the driest part of the driest country, but at this time there was water everywhere. That brings in the birds, and it is the most amazing sight. In this photo, you can see a falcon and Australia's largest bird of prey, the wedged tail eagle soaring through the sky together. I love the way they just seem to glide through the sky, which is because they actually ride the air currents.

Of course, not all the animals we see are native animals. This stockman was mustering cattle near Marree, a tiny outback town at the intersection of two major outback routes, the Oodnadatta Tack and the Birdsville Track. Near where this photo was taken is Anna Creek Station; a station is an Australian word for a very large farm in the Australian outback. Anna Creek Station is so large that it is actually larger than the country of Belgium.

Of course, what would be an Australian animal round up without a photo of a kangaroo, this female with her joey was seen on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia

Not to forget the other national symbol, the world's second largest bird, the flightless emu. We saw a lot of emus with chicks in South Australia's Flinders Ranges. The emu mothers actually disappear after laying the eggs, leaving the father to sit on the eggs and raise the chicks alone.

These photos were all taken by Jarrad, who shares his photos at wandering-photographer.  Jarrad has been travelling around Australia in a caravan with his wife and four kids aged 10 and under since 2009.  You can also follow their adventures at livinontheroad, Amy wrote this wonderful guest post for us!

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  1. I love animals. Australia contains a various species of animals. It's really a fun seeing different animals. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  2. So stunning. Definitely going to add this to my list of things we want to do with the family in the next few years. So glad you are willing to share your pictures..thanks!

  3. Australia is the heaven on the earth. I had visited Australia in last summer vacation and had a great experience. Thanks for providing such a nice information with us.

  4. Thanks to the author learned a lot of interesting things about the wild animals in Australia