3 Months of Family Travel...The Family Interview

Since I am the one that does most of the writing and you usually see the perspective of this trip from my eyes, I thought for our 3 months anniversary (Bloody hell, I can't believe 3 months have gone by already) it would be fun to see our family travel trip through the eyes of my actual family!  To be clear, these were their words exactly, except what you see in parenthesis.
The whole clan
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What do you like best about Asia?
D (12 years): The food
C(8 years): Vang Vieng and riding scooters
T(4 years): They have elephants
Dad: Cost of living and climate (pragmatic much?), and the sweet people that display empathy nearly every moment

What do you like the least about Asia?
D: The language, it's so hard to learn and communicate.  Spanish was easier!
C: Ladyboys, they make me uncomfortable  (we experienced a particularly friendly one at our hotel in Vientiane, like every day!!)
T: Kangaroos;)
Dad: Lack of consistent internet

Favorite place you have been so far?
D: Can't decide between Pai and Vang Vieng
C: Laos, mostly Vang Vieng
T: Tiger Kingdom, ummm, umm they have baby tigers....awww so cute!
Dad: Vang Vieng, Laos and Chiang Dao, Thailand (caves)

What is the hardest thing about traveling with bohemian mom?
D: Bugging us to clean our room, I mean it's a hotel room.
C: Freak out about when we don't know where we are going.  (After asking what he means apparently I sweat the small stuff...who knew??!)
T: He doesn't know (and is quite into legos at the moment.  He may not be a part of the rest of this interview but I shall persevere!)
Dad: (Hmm, seems he is having a hard time picking...It's coming...)"The question just spurs what I am grateful for and all you do".  (Sappy but I am keeping that one!)

How about with bohemian dad?
D: Missing out on things because he is on the computer a lot (Dad works about 12 hours a day, most days)
C: He doesn't do so many things, I want him to come see everything with us.
T: No where (?? legos again)
Mom: That he has to work so much and doesn't come along on all our adventures

Favorite food so far?
D: Pad thai, best one was at a wat near Thae Pae gate in Chiang Mai
C: Moo gatiam, garlic pork NOT FRIED!
T: What do they have??  Wait, wait...brownies!  (Yeah he isn't really getting this post!)
Dad: Stir fried vegetables over white rice

Worst day so far?
D: van to Vientiane
C: definitely the van to Vientiane
T: I don't know, how about the...(C interjects with van ride) van ride...which van ride
Dad: VAN TO LAOS and that border crossing because Bohemian mom was sooo sick and she usually deals with everything!

We all love scooterin"
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Best day so far?
D: Scooter riding first day I got to learn
C: any day with a scooter
T: The tiger kingdom (again after C interjected **sigh** Where can I find a sound proof room??)
Dad:  First day getting scooters and teaching D how to drive!

What are you looking forward to the most in the next couple months?
D: Going to Koh Phi, Phi  (see he put that in there to ensure we end up going, little devil, so darn smart)
C: Getting to China, to see the Great Wall and stuff
T: Don't know, I'm doing my best man.  (yes that is a quote)
Dad: My sister coming to visit

What do you miss the most?
D: My friends and dogs
C: Friends
T: Olga (our housekeeper/nanny in CR that was part of our family for T's entire life)
Dad: Raw milk and fresh veggies being delivered to my house

I know there must be things you don't like about the travel, what are they?
D: Practically impossible to have friends because we are never in the same place for too long.  Not having pets is really hard too, I love having pets.  At least there are lots of animals we can adopt for a few weeks at a time in hotels or apartments
C: That we never get to make good friends because we leave.  Miss having a few more toys, TV, having a fridge...(OK at this point I had to cut him off.  I guess he misses a more home-like environment)
T: ???
Dad: The actual travel days was never one of my favorite things.

But overall, are you glad we are traveling like this?
D: Yes.  (enthusiastic head shake while sipping a frozen pineapple drink!)
C: Yes
T: Yes
Dad: Of course!

It has been a great trip so far.  We have encountered other travelers and friendly locals that are so warm and welcoming.  There are always bad days in any trip but thankfully not too many so far.  We miss a few things but really are settling into this lifestyle with ease and really appreciating the value of travel.  The world is ours and we are taking it all in!

Do you have any other questions I should ask these guys??  Let me know in the comments section below!  And if you like what you see please share this article with others.  Thanks!

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  1. I love this post! I guess we'd better go to Viang Vieng then. What did the family like so much about it I wonder?

  2. I think what we loved so much here was the freedom. Laos is very Un developed and we feel most comfortable in those countries, my 13 year old could rent a scooter and we would all go hiking, driving through the dry rice paddies, swimming in the cool, and clean river, and caving in these insane caves that maybe most people wouldn't even enter. There are cool restaurants and a very laid back feel. We also loved the tubing and the blue lagoon, which was stunning.

    I would suggest everyone head to Laos when they can. We are in Cambodia now and also love it here!