Packing List for a Nomad Family

After a month of research and shopping we have decided on our packing list.   We consulted just about every travel site out there and really took our time deciding what would work best for us.  I am so grateful for those traveling families that have come before us as their information is invaluable to those of us just starting out.  Here is our list:


Our packs
-L.L. bean large multiday pack, this thing has seen better days as my husband has owned it for over a decade but we are hoping it will last at least a year.
-Camp Trails vagabond pack, for me, used on one trip years ago but a solid pack still
-Osprey Porter 46 for my 12 year old
-Dueter Fox 30 for my 8 year old
-2 day packs with electronics compartments
-1 small daypack for my 4 year old that will house a small assortment of toys, legos, etc

-2 netbooks
-2 Iphones
-Nikon camera
-Nintendo DSI
-Nintendo DSI XL
-1 terrabyte passport hard drive for movies
-1 750 gig passport hard drive for picture and document back up
-4 headlamps with extra batteries
-4 sets of good headphones
-2 deluxe step down converters
-3 universal adaptors

Kids things
-various coloring books and new crayons/markers
-small tubs of playdoh
-small toys for 4 year old (small dinosaurs, "guys", various animals)
-small container of legos
-playing cards/uno cards
-jump rope
-inflatable balls
-notebooks/workbooks for roadschooling

-->Toiletry type products
-2 aluminum free sticks of deodorant (not sure how hard these are to find, if so we'll switch to crystal sticks as they last much longer)
-favorite eco friendly soap bars (good for washing us and our clothes)
-3 chap sticks
-non fluoride toothpaste (not sure if we'll find this on the road so we will bring a few)
-white flower analgesic balm (works wonders for headaches and motion sickness)
-First aid kit (separate blog post about the contents here)
-safety pins
-Natural remedies/oils (Tea tree oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, emu oil salve, vitamins for all)
-extra contacts for my husband along with saline
-glasses for husband and middle son

This will be the bulk of what fills our suitcases.  I am usually quite the over packer but am working hard to stick to what we need only.  Each person will take the same list of items and every child (except the 4 year old) will be responsible for carrying their own things.  So times everything in this section by 5!
-many pairs of underwear/bras
-2-3 pairs of shorts
-5 t-shirts
-1 pair of pants
-1-2 long sleeved shirts/sweatshirts
-couple of pairs of jammies for Theo and mom (dad and big boys never wear them so I stopped buying them years ago)
-hair holders for me
-rain jackets/wind breakers
-3-4 pairs of socks
-2 pairs of shoes each (1 pair of crocs and 1 pair of sneakers/keenes)

-1 amazing smelling candle for those not so wonderful smelling rooms, and to purify our area when arriving some place new:)
-Acquapura personal water filter straw (invaluable in places where water is not potable)
-pop up hamper, for when we are staying put for a bit
-sink stopper (some say they use it, others say it is a huge waste, but since it takes up such little space we decided it was worth it)
-stain stick for clothes
-lots of attachment clips
-3 reusable bags (for carrying groceries or anything really)
-sarongs to be used as towels, sheets, cover ups, etc
-duct tape/markers
-earplugs/eye mask
-dry sacks
-laundry line

Wow after typing this all out it seems like I should lessen our load but it all fits quite nicely into our packs.  We may end up dumping stuff as we go but for now I feel pretty good with what we are taking.  Any advice for us please feel free to comment below.



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  1. I think your list looks pretty good! We packed similarly for our trip to Costa Rica. The one thing I wish we'd packed more of was shorts. Seems like my kids are always sitting in something gross or getting them dirty before their shirts. I was hoping we'd be able to have them wear shorts more than once, but that just hasn't been the case. Maybe you'll do better than we have! And I wish I'd brought one of my candles. :o)