What you should have in your travel first aid kit

Part of our first aid kit
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The first aid kit for any world travel trip is extremely important.  No one wants to get stuck without bandaids or Tylenol out in the middle of nowhere with 3 kids.  In a past life (read as 5 years ago in the US) I was a nurse so I feel that being prepared with a good kit is vital and I take it quite seriously.  You can buy a first aid kit already put together but I really wanted to assemble one myself.  I researched ideas for what to bring in the first aid kit right alongside searching for tips on our packing list in general.  The following are the things we will be bringing with us just in case, feel free to add any insight.

-3 bottles of lemon eucalyptus natural insect repellent
-small box of medical gloves
-superglue which can be used for many things but in a first aid capacity it will be a last ditch option for closing wounds
-2 instant cold packs
-band aids of various sizes
-gauze of varying size
-1 roll of medical tape
-gauze roll
-blister pads
-suture/syringe set (for use when at a facility without clean tools)
-Neosporin with pain relief
-Vick's chest rub (works wonders on a cough if applied to the feet before bedtime)
-Ocean nasal spray
-2 tins of Suuthe skin repair cream (this stuff is great and natural for any skin issues; itch, fungal infection, etc)
-1 bottle of ibuprofen
-1 bottle of children's liquid Tylenol
-adult and children's Benadryl (we have used this many times in our travels around Costa Rica, great for scorpion stings)
-A full round of Cipro for everyone in the family
-tea tree oil (too many uses to list)
-ace bandages
-steri strips (for help in closing minor wounds)
-anti fungal cream (my boys seem to find the yuckiest things to attack their skin)
-blood pressure cuff as I have high blood pressure that I like to monitor myself

Believe it or not almost all this stuff fits inside of the compact kit in the picture.  I believe it will be well worth the trouble of carrying it even though I hope to not need any of the things in it!  With 3 boys, wild animals, and hiking, I can almost guarantee that I will and that it will be part of the journey that they talk about most!


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  1. Tell me more about the "lemon eucalyptus natural insect repellent" And, I'd be lost w/out my arnica!

  2. Good thought on the arnica! I get the lemon eucalyptus at Amazon, the repel brand is the only brand I have tried and it works great!