Best Coffee to Try from Around the World During Quarantine

best coffee to try from around the world during, coffee plantation

While this quarantine may be preventing us from experiencing the taste of culture and adventure we desire, it doesn't have to mean being completely disconnected from the world and trying new things. Which is certainly the case for all coffee connoisseurs out there.

It may not be as exciting as hiking to Machu Picchu or wandering the streets of a foreign city for the first time, but even trying something like taste-testing some of the best coffee to try from around the world has helped us contain our wanderlust during this time of being stuck in one place.

The origin of the beans can play a huge part in the quality and taste of your morning routine. Here we will talk about some of our favorite coffee from all over the world.

Best Coffee to try from Around the World:

Kona Coffee Beans
best coffee to try from around the world during, Kona views
The first on our list is of course the delicious Kona coffee. These beans are grown only on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. The rich volcanic soil combined with near-perfect weather makes for some of the best and rarest coffee beans one can buy. This one is a must-try for all coffee fanatics.

Koa Coffee is a premium brand that specializes in Kona coffee and offers a wide variety of roasts to choose from. You can pick up whole roasted or ground 100% Kona coffee anywhere from $20 to $45 a pound. Is the price worth coffee grown in paradise?

Turkish Coffee
best coffee to try from around the world, Turkish coffee
Turkish coffee isn't a specific bean necessarily, but rather a method of brewing finely ground coffee and a tradition dating back hundreds of years. You may have seen this unique style of brewing on social media as it has become fairly popular amongst coffee drinkers everywhere.

Learning how to make Turkish coffee could make for a fun quarantine activity that combines your favorite caffeinated beverage with a cultural experience right in your own kitchen.

As for the type of coffee you want to use. Coffea arabica would be the most traditional, but you can work with what you have as long as you can grind it to a fine powder.

Costa Rican Beans
Central America certainly has a strong reputation when it comes to coffee. Places like Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are first to come to mind when it comes to coffee production, but after spending five years in Costa Rica we may be a little biased. Even after all our travels, it can be hard to match the quality of the beans we had during our time there.

The name "Costa Rica" literally translates to rich coast which happens to be a very accurate description of the place (and pretty much all of Central America). The shaded mountainsides of Costa Rica have some of the best coffee growing conditions one can ask for. The result is a damn good cup of coffee!

Indian Monsooned Malabar Beans
best coffee to try from around the world, drying coffee beans
Let's take a trip back around the globe for a coffee bean with a cool backstory. Indian Monsooned Malabar beans are grown and produced in a very unique way. First, the coffee is grown mostly in the southern states of India under monsoon rain conditions. 

After the beans are harvested they are intentionally exposed to monsoon rain and wind. The intense moister causes the beans to swell up and lose their acidity which creates a lighter roast with great flavor that doesn't affect the stomach as some coffee does. 

And is it just me or does drinking "Monsooned" coffee sound epic?

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
best coffee to try from around the world, blue mountain coffee
Probably the most exclusive beans money can buy. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is described as having a wonderful flavor and a lack of bitterness. But what makes this coffee so rare?

It starts with a supply issue. JBM can only be grown in the Blue Mountains where there is a regulated amount of farms able to cultivate coffee commercially. Most of which is sent to Japan and what's leftover results in the expensive exclusivity of JBM. At $50 to $70 a pound, JBM is some of the most pricey coffee available. Kinda makes you want to try it doesn't it?

We can fight through this quarantine with exotic caffeine by our sides. I hope this list of the best coffee to try from around the world helps you find a new favorite coffee and give you something to do while stuck in one place. Let us know your favorite coffee down below!

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