5 of the Best Train Trips in the World

Trains have a rustic, old-school charm about them that is almost irresistible. Although it may not be the fastest way to get around, a train trip gives you an opportunity to experience and enjoy the journey as much as the destination itself. There aren’t many forms of transportation that offer the same level of space and freedom you can achieve on a train. There’s nothing like being able to sleep in a real bed or get up and walk around when traveling long distances. Not to mention the captivating countryside or cityscape outside your window at all times. There’s nothing like it in my opinion.

Here is our list of the 5 best train trips around the world!

1. Sleeper Train, Thailand
Taking the sleeper train, or overnight train, in Thailand is an ideal way to travel long distances. It’s cheap, comfortable, and before you know it hundreds of miles have flown by while you’re sleeping. Not to mention the wonderful views of the countryside during daytime hours.

If you’re looking for a more private experience you can book your own cabin the first-class sleeper car. Otherwise, you would be in one of the bunks in the second-class car which is still very comfortable and perfect for those who enjoy socializing. With both options, you have access to the restaurant car with a variety of options. Though it may not be the most luxurious of trains, it gets the job done and always ends up being one of those adventures that any traveler lives for.

2. Venice Simplon Orient Express
The Orient Express was a long-distance train service created in 1883. The original route of the orient express ran from Paris to Constantinople (Istanbul). However, there were several routes in the past that have used the Orient Express name or one of the many variants.

Although the original Orient Express is no longer running on any route there is still a way you can experience what it was like. The Venice Simplon Orient Express is a private luxury train using original carriages from the 1920s and follows many of the old routes including Paris to Istanbul. With all the carriages restored to their former glory and the lack of modern technology its almost as if you step through a doorway to the past when you climb aboard.

3. The Trans-Siberian Express
The Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR) is known by train lovers everywhere to be one of the most legendary train journeys you can take. The official 5,772-mile route from Moscow to Vladivostok passes through eight time zones as it weaves through the country’s vast and little-visited interior. This makes the TSR the longest railway in the world. And that is only the main route through Russia. You can also take a connecting line to Beijing and the rest of Asia.

The TSR is actually a number of services, ranging from slow local stoppers to grand international trains running the main route, as well as two separate routes to Beijing in China. The more affordable public train, Rossiya No 2, takes six days and is definitely a great way to meet the locals and see the countryside. Those looking for a more high-end experience can find that as well with Golden Eagle, a private luxury train service that runs along the same route.

4. The Canadian
We all know Canada is a stunning place. And no other mode of transportation allows you to experience the country so intimately as taking a train. There are a few train services that run through the gorgeous countryside, but if you want the full 3-day adventure from Toronto to Vancouver, The Canadian might be what you’re looking for.

The Canadian is known for having “Canada’s best window”. This is true no matter where you’re seated, but the absolute best view would have to be from the dome car. If having a panoramic view from the top of the train doesn't interest you; you can still enjoy the magnificent scenery over a gourmet meal or in the comfort of your own cabin.

5. Train to the Clouds, Argentina
The Train to the Clouds is a tourist train service that climbs 13,800 feet in the rugged Andes on its way from Salta, Argentina, to the Chilean border on one of the highest train journeys in the world. The railway line has 29 bridges, 21 tunnels, 13 viaducts, 2 spirals and 2 zigzags throughout the duration of the 8-hour trip. This has to be one of the most adventurous experiences on this list and you still get to do it all from a comfortable seat!

I hope you enjoyed our article on the best train trips around the world. Have you ever taken one of these trips? Let us know in the comments!

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