What food to expect on an African safari

Your choice of Africa safari destination will, of course, determine the type of cuisine available to you on your trip. Africa is a vast continent, with and safari lodges are usually in extremely rural locations, far from suppliers, so it’s important to plan ahead, especially if you’re fussy!

This does not detract from the standard of the dining experience, particularly given the range of quality Africa safari packages available online, however, it’s vital that you disclose any dietary requirements to your safari expert well in advance.

This article offers a comprehensive breakdown of what food you can expect from various types of accommodation whilst embarking on your African safari adventure.


Africa is home to some incredible chefs – including the best female chef in the world- and their work made all the more impressive by the fact that safari lodges are usually a chartered flight away from any source of ingredients.

However, working under such circumstances does often limit the number of options on the menu, and this becomes more apparent the further into the wilderness you get.

Most lodges offer buffets and platters, as opposed to a la carte dining, and have partnerships with the local community to ensure a constant supply of fresh ingredients - creating vegetable gardens and chicken coops.

Mobile safaris
If you’re on a mobile safari which travels between lodges, you can expect the same high standard of food that you’d typically receive in a lodge.

However, if you are navigating between temporary camps, the chef will be operating out of a portable kitchen with limited appliances, and a limited menu as a result.

Island Escapes
Island escapes are a truly incredible experience, with sun-drenched days and an abundance of award-winning restaurants, which really broadens your horizons when it comes to your dining options.

The smaller, more exclusive hotels tend to offer set menus, while the resorts usually offer large buffets bursting with variety. Here, you will typically find home comforts with many traditional European dishes, as well as some more exotic local choices, including an array of seafood options and curries.

City stopovers
Cape Town is arguably Africa’s gourmet capital, so if you’re enjoying a temporary stay here, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Home to some of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the city located at the southern tip of the continent boasts a series of fine dining establishments, blending heritage with local quirks - a real treat for the taste buds.

Have you been on a safari? Let us know what you thought of the food down below!

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