The Ultimate Alberta Bucket List

Alberta, one of the most scenic provinces in Canada, is home of the Canadian Rockies, hundreds of lakes and rivers, and some great outdoor activities. You could spend a lifetime exploring this one area, but there are some things that are simply must-do bucket list type items.

One caution. When you go, make sure to plan ahead. If you are going to camp, plan carefully, but use travel sites like Expedia to book Alberta hotels ahead of time. The popular destinations can be booked out months before the short tourist season. 

With that out of the way. Here is a list of some of the less common but amazing activities you can do in Alberta, Canada.

Sharing Your Experiences
While you are traveling, recording your experiences for sharing later on but also to jog your own memory is a must do. Besides photos, video and travel work very well together. Get a GoPro, use your smartphone, or get another good camera to record the amazing things you are doing.

The memories they will hold, and the ways they will remind you of your time in Alberta will make the additional effort as you travel well worth it. Keep a journal or a blog as well, and share these experiences with your friends and others who also share your love of travel and the outdoors.

Biking the Backcountry

One thing you cannot miss in Alberta is biking the backcountry. In the winter, fat tire biking is the way to go. The terrain varies to appeal to all levels and types of cyclists and features panoramic views, rivers, and lakes. Foothill rides throughout the area and trails around Banff are probably the most popular, yet are rarely overcrowded.

The Calgary Stampede
A 10-day long festival, the Calgary Stampede offers literally hundreds of pancake breakfasts, concerts, cultural events, shows and rides along a midway, and a world-class rodeo. There are chuckwagon races and dozens of other types of events that appeal to the whole family.

Even if you are not a fan of large crowds, this event is one you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

Icefields Parkway
This drive follows 144 miles of two-lane road that winds through the Canadian Rockies. You will see ancient glaciers, gorgeous lakes, and many waterfalls. You will also see wildlife like bighorn sheep and other mammals scattered through a unique and beautiful larch forest.

If you have the time, hike or snowshoe (depending on the time of year) to Skoki Lodge, a structure built in 1930. You can stay the night in a log cabin before you hike out the next morning.

Take a Helicopter Tour
In Abraham lake, methane bubbles from various forms of plant life are frozen in the lake, and helicopter tours from December to April take hikers and snowshoe enthusiasts to the lake for a photo safari that will take your breath away. Called the Bubbles Tour, this is a very popular but worthwhile activity.

In addition, there are simple sightseeing tours, skiing tours in the winter, and fishing tours during summer months that offer some of the most spectacular views in the area, world-class recreation, and experienced and knowledgeable guides. No matter what your passion, you can find the type of helicopter tour you are looking for.

Fossil Digging
Dinosaur Provincial Park celebrates the fact that over 75 million years ago, the Canadian Badlands were roamed by 44 species of dinosaurs. You can go fossil digging here with an actual paleontologist, and there is fabulous camping along the Red Deer River. The park is about two and a half hours from Calgary, an easy drive.


Want to mush in the wild mountains of Alberta? You can take anything from a 30-minute dog sled tour to a 3-day trip filled with camping and of course Husky cuddles. Trips along the Continental Divide are especially popular. Some tours include fur-lined tents and gourmet meals cooked on the trail by some amazing chefs.

Underground Thermal Pools
At Cave and Basin National Historic Site you can take what is known as the Lantern Tour. This cave adventure takes you inside a watery cave where there are thermal pools often lit by the moonlight through a series of vents.

Known as the birthplace of Canada’s national parks, this is a must-see attraction enjoyed by ancient explorers, indigenous people, and now tourists.

The province of Alberta is vast and filled with some incredible attractions. There are a number of ways you can enjoy them, but you must add these things to your bucket list and experience them for yourself. Getting there is easy, the attractions are not too expensive, and you can camp to help with the budget while interspersing your stay with time in hotels. 

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