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When it comes to traveling the technology we now have available has made life just that bit easier. I remember traveling in the 90's with a film loaded camera, no computer, phone, or GPS, and having to make collect calls or send postcards to keep in touch.  Don't even ask about all the maps and travel guide books we had to lug around.  What a difference a couple decades makes!

Of course, when you are going around to see some of the finest landmarks in the world you don’t want to be totally consumed by technology but whether it is something to keep you entertained on the way or something practical to help you in your journey, these 10 items can enhance your trip greatly.
Portable phone charger/power bank
A necessity when you are traveling. There are many options out there that can do the job, all for a reasonable price, and it is something that is paramount to any traveler, whether it is taking photographs of your amazing memories or a call to meet a friend, you will always need your phone ready.

Airports and even planes themselves have started installing a lot more charging stations but it is not everywhere yet. When I start packing I cannot imagine forgetting to include a power bank as back up.

TomTom Fitness watch
For many of you traveling will involve walking around and visiting some marvelous sites and whether it is a hike up the mountains or strolling round the town, with this watch or the many out there like it you can monitor all your activities as well as stick to a schedule.

Waterproof phone case
Another practical item. We all know someone who has been abroad and lost or damaged their phone on the beach, you can stop that with the waterproof phone case that will help you avoid any accidents.  It may seem unnecessary especially if you do not plan on going to any beaches but take it from someone who has dropped phones in can happen anyplace!!

Online Games
What better way to spend your time on a train or a coach for hours than playing online games. I'm sure you already know how to get games on your IPhone or Samsung phone but did you know you can also play casino games online??  You can sign up to play with Lucky Nugget Casino who have a range of casino classics available, from roulette to blackjack that will make the journey a lot more bearable.  I find it passes time and you can even turn things like poker into a teaching moment!

Bluesmart Suitcase
You won’t have to worry about if your case weighs too much as it tells you. Also has a digital lock to keep out thieves and a built-in GPS that means you know where your suitcase is at all times, it can’t go missing!  That is something truly valuable when traveling, just ask anyone who has lost luggage!

The days of packing a bag full of books have long gone. Get yourself a kindle so whether on the beach, by the pool or on the plane you can have your books ready to hand.  Especially valuable on a long journey as luggage weight can be a huge factor in your happiness on the road!

Canon Powershot or Nikon Coolpix
When it comes to your holiday, capturing the right pictures is important and these cameras will allow you to grab every moment you want in fine detail, for images that you will cherish.  I carry a smartphone and a DSLR but sometimes lugging the DSLR around is a nuisance.  It's heavy and sticks out like a sore thumb to thieves, having an in between camera this good is vital in my opinion!
Franklin Global Translator
Certainly not a necessity but what a way to integrate into the local culture and make life easier by learning the language. This translator will work immediately and allow you to interact with locals.

Flip Mino HD
A video camera, the size of a cigarette packet. This small and portable device can record everything from the kids on the waterslides to bike rides round the town.

Noise cancelling headphones
When you go away you will want to be in your own world, and these range of headphones make it all possible by removing any sounds from around you and let you relax with your music or podcast.

When it comes to traveling all of these will play a part in making your life easier, and all can enhance your travels to make them that little bit more special.

What tech gadgets do you travel with?  What can you barely fathom leaving home without?  Tell us in the comments below!

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