You Really Need to Visit Morocco

Morocco is an ancient country where time has stood still in many ways. It may not be large, as countries go, and it may not be on the center of the world stage right now, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the best possible places to visit on the face of the earth.

In fact, Morocco is special because it’s not the first place travelers (and especially tourists) think to go. Morocco has thousands of years of history, an abundance of natural wonders, amazing food and culture, and friendly people. Believe me if you go to Morocco; you will not regret it.


Morocco is one of the only countries on the face of the planet where you could surf, ride over desert sand dunes with no water in sight, and ski down a snowy mountain, all in one (very busy) day. Much of Morocco is in the mighty Sahara Desert, but the various landscapes and elevations mean there is much more to this country than sand and heat. For the outdoor adventure lover, Morocco is really one of the Earth’s unappreciated playgrounds. Whether you seek out a company with outdoor adventures catered to your tastes, or you create your own excursion on land or sea, Morocco has what you’re looking for.

Your belly might not be the reason you go to Morocco, but it certainly provides a strong argument for checking out its local cuisine. Located on the top of Africa, just across the water from Spain, Morocco has always been a melting pot and trade hub. As such, its cuisine has flavors borrowed from France, Africa, Spain, Arabian cultures, and elsewhere.

While no single dish defines Moroccan cuisine, these are complex, spiced dishes, often using chickpeas and exotic spices to achieve deeply satisfying culinary experiences that don’t necessarily rely on animal protein. For meat eaters, there is plenty of that to go around as well, but vegetarians won’t have any trouble getting a plate they enjoy in Morocco.

Old and New

Much of Morocco looks like it still exists in the middle ages, but other cities are completely modern. This is one of Morocco’s most charming elements. You really can get a taste of what life has been like for ancient and traditional cultures, but you can still contact home easily or order a pizza if you want. NobleCom Morocco has all your international phone needs covered, through phone cards and the NobleCom App. So whether you’re looking for architecture and culture that hasn’t been swept away in the sands of time, or you’re looking for a modern take on traditions which are exotic and
exciting to you, Morocco really does have it all.

So book that ticket to Morocco. Depending on where you fly out of, and which airlines you use, a round trip flight can be shockingly affordable. It’s an experience you will never forget, so don’t delay. Get to Morocco, take some pictures, eat some food, enjoy the company of the friendly locals, and you’ll have memories to enjoy for years.

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