5 Top Tips For An Awesome Dining Experience In Paris

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Dining out in Paris can be a fabulous experience when you know what to expect. You might think eating out in Paris would be exactly the same as at home but you’d be wrong. If you haven’t traveled very much it can come as a shock that there are such different customs when you are abroad. To help you out we’ve included our top five tips to help you have an awesome dining experience in Paris.

Don’t leave your phone sitting on the table
This isn’t just an eating out tip. You should be particularly careful of your mobile phone being stolen in Paris. Phones left on the table have a habit of going missing before you even realize what has happened. Keep them safely in your handbag or securely inside a front pocket. This is true of high-end restaurants and of the McDonalds where you’ve dropped in for a cold drink. Be very aware of students doing surveys and of street sellers who get close to your table and then make off with your phone. This is more common than you would think.

Be prepared for little English outside Paris
You should know when dining outside of central Paris there may be very little English spoken. Being prepared for a little bit of sign language or to choose something completely unfamiliar from the menu will go a long way to helping you out. You might be pleasantly surprised to taste something you might not normally order. If you’re really terrified of not knowing what you’re eating or you have specific food allergies try a translating app on your smartphone. Make sure it’s one that doesn’t need an Internet connection if you haven’t got yourself a Parisian sim card and aren’t using global roaming. You could also try printing all the food you are allergic to on a card in French and showing it to your waiter when you order.

Eat out at the right time
To save money when eating out in France go out to dine at lunchtime or choose the set menu if there is one on offer. This is often a far better deal than choosing separate items on their own. There are so many food options in Paris that you can even purchase items on the go and eat them as you walk around. Pastries, baguettes and ice creams are available everywhere.

Paris restaurants often close between lunch and dinner
Paris restaurants closing time is worth being aware of, especially if you are traveling with small children who may not be able to wait until opening time at dinner. Don’t fret – you can always find something to eat. You just may have a smaller choice of restaurant if you go out at odd times of the day or night. Again this is
especially true as you get further out from the city. Also keep in mind that Paris is less busy in the summer and more bistros and cafes may be closed.

Remember to request the bill
When the bill for your meal doesn’t arrive at your table in record time don’t see this as bad service. The French do not like to rush you at the end of the meal and in many cases you will not receive the bill unless you ask for it. Even when you ask you will not be rushed to move along. Your waiter will most likely go to great lengths to make sure you can finish your meal, any after-dinner coffees and your conversation with little interruption. Many people complain the French are rude or aloof when in fact they are trying to let you relax and enjoy yourself without feeling pressured.

**Bonus Tip**
Try eating away from the tourist strip
You’ll pay a lot more to eat in a restaurant on the Champs Elysees than you will to eat in a back street a few blocks away. Hang out with the locals a little more and you’ll benefit from cheaper prices and in many cases a better dining experience. Paris alleyways are crammed with little cafes where you can find delectable treats. Often you can just point to the food in the window display, which can make ordering something familiar even easier.

Don’t let anything you may have heard about French waiters or chefs deter you from eating your fill while you’re in France. Most of what you have heard is myth. The French are lovely and helpful and will not really mind if you cannot speak their language. As long as you are polite and try your best you’ll most likely have a lovely experience.

French pastries and baguettes are delightful to munch on as you make your way around visiting the sites. Make sure you try anything that looks tasty. You might just find yourself with a new favorite treat.

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