5 best tech gadgets for travel

I remember the days when we traveled with no tech at all.  Sometimes I yearn for those days back, in theory it's a beautiful picture.  But then I remember the difficulties that were inherent to not having anything tech with you.  The crappy photos, the impossibly huge maps to unfold, the travel guide upon travel guide so you wouldn't miss any great spots...and then I remember why the tech is so amazing and so vital to travel, especially long term travel.

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Below are the 5 best tech gadgets for travel (aside from the actual computer, tablet, or phone):

Screen protectors
I know you may be thinking that any screen protector will do but it has been my experience that that is not the case at all.  I have broken my fair share of Ipad/Iphone screens and although it can be repaired when traveling this can be a real headache.  I recently tried a new type of screen protector that we received at a discount, and am thrilled with it.

My youngest has an Ipad mini and to say he drops it or bangs it often would be an understatement. The Intelliglass screen protector is super clear so it doesn't impede with his ultra important mine craft building or YouTube watching and the fit is nice and slim so it doesn't even feel like there is an extra piece there.  It is extremely hard, almost diamond hard strength which has withstood numerous drops, bangs, and hits.

The things my son and I love most though are the cool new type of coating it has, they call it oleophobic, and what that means is that streaks and fingerprints don't stick to it and they truly don't. We love that and it was a common issue with the other screen protectors we have used.  The other problem we have with most screen protectors is what a PITA it is to install or place it on the device. This Intelliglass is easy to install and they even have a video to show the best way.  No bubbles or residue!!  Thank goodness,

Portable power bank
Every traveler flat out NEEDS a portable power bank.  When the 3 hour bus trip turns to 10 hours,  or when you are stuck waiting for a flight that has been delayed yet again, or when you just simply don't have enough plugs for charging in the beach bungalow you paid $10 a night for you will need that extra power.

They are super slim now and can often times provide you with up to 10 hours of extra battery life.  If you've ever been stuck in any of the above scenarios, especially with 3 children you can appreciate the value in these extra hours of device life!

A "real" camera
Now as an avid photographer I absolutely had to include a camera on this list.  I know iPhones take great pics now, Samsung phones maybe even better but a proper and dedicated camera is really vital to enjoying or better yet remembering your amazing trip or travel lifestyle.

I had a basic click and shoot Nikon for years, regrettably even after we started our nomadic life, and I thought I was doing pretty great.  I take loads of pics and at the time I thought that camera was capturing some amazing shots.  But then I decided to jump all in and get my first DSLR!  Wow, what an amazing difference.  I am now able to capture some truly amazing travel shots that I know wouldn't have been possible with that old point and shoot.

The phone does a great job, and when I am out for a quick jaunt or someplace that the admittedly large camera just doesn't make sense, then I happily use the phone.  But for the real shots, the deeply moving images I cannot recommend a decent DSLR enough!

WiFi Help
"If you spend a lot of time in hotel rooms tethered to a 3" blue Ethernet leash or racking up $9.95-a-day wireless charges, this little white box could be the handiest 7.58 ounces in your computer bag. Originally marketed as a device for extending the range of an existing WiFi network or for beaming music from a computer to a home stereo system, Apple's Airport Express also functions as a wireless base station in its own right. Just plug that Ethernet cable into the box and the box into an unoccupied outlet. When you fire up your computer, the transmitter shows up, ready to be configured into your own private WiFi domain. Share it with whoever is in the room with you or, if you don't enter a password, your neighbors down the hall."  Philip Elmer-Dewitt

I couldn't explain that any better!  I actually didn't know this existed until just recently.  At just $100 (starting price) this is well worth your money and time to grab before leaving on a trip.  In both Hawaii and Australia alone they charge a fortune every day to connect wirelessly even in nice hotels.  This device will pay for itself in a few short days and take all the headaches away in regards to connecting while on the move.

Amazing ear buds/headphones
This one may be a no brainer but few things in the tech realm are more irritating than crappy headphones, particularly if you are traveling with family AND need to work remotely. We find that we need some earbuds, and those can be middle of the road but we also need a good pair of headphones.  It helps with Skype calls, noise cancelling at night, watching a movie in heavy downpours, etc.

If you work while traveling be sure to get a good pair with a microphone.  It may sting to buy it at the moment (although there are plenty of good headphones that are not Bose or Beats) but in the long run they will last longer and give you better peace of mind when that next work call comes in!

What do you think of our list?  What would you add?

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