Why It's a Great Time to Visit Greece

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You might have recently heard about Greece’s financial crisis and decided to postpone your visit for a while. If you’re not sure what to expect then read on to discover why it’s still a great time to visit Greece.

The scenery in Greece isn’t going anywhere. Regardless of currency fluctuations or changes in government, the beaches of Zante are still as beautiful as ever. The sun shines in Greece just as magnificently now as at any other time of the year too and we've found some great deals to get you there.

Greek hospitality is legendary and in plentiful supply in the current climate. The unrest from earlier in the year has subsided and tourists can rest assured that Greece is a great place to explore. Mid August saw an agreement on a bailout, which has all but ensured Greece will stay in the Eurozone for the foreseeable future.

Greece is a very safe country. Don’t for a minute compare events in Greece to other countries that have recently suffered unrest. Greece’s problems are purely economic.

If you’re worried about how much currency you’ll need while visiting the various islands of Greece then make sure you take a little extra with you. By all reports currency is no longer an issue and accounts from abroad can be readily accessed. In any case credit card transactions are unrestricted and can easily be used to pay for any of your expenses within the country.

Tourists recently returned from Greece report they were not even aware that there was any internal issue. Holidays are being experienced by many people who are enjoying their Greek beach holidays just as much as they would at any other time of the year.

Due to the recent changes prices in Greece have dropped, making your upcoming holiday a little cheaper than you may have planned for. Imagine going on holiday and coming home with a little more cash than you expected?

Or being able to visit an extra island you thought was out of your budget. However you choose to treat your small windfall, Greece will provide you with hours of stories to tell your friends and family when you return home.

The history of Greece means that there are plenty of places to keep you busy as you explore. If you’re feeling energetic you can spend days traipsing through glorious hillsides and visiting all the sites you learned about in school.

If a beach holiday is what you’re after then Greece is the perfect destination. A week spent lying on the beach reading your book means a light suitcase at the airport too. You won’t need to take too much with you to spend the week working on your tan. Beautiful photographs with clear blue water as the backdrops are another fabulous advantage of a holiday to Greece.

For some, a Greek holiday is the trip of a lifetime. It would be a shame to put off such a wonderful adventure because of a minor financial hiccup. Let us know when you book your tickets. We’d love to hear about your vacation.

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