Shoreditch, One of London's coolest neighborhoods

London is a rather large city, full of a variety of districts or neighborhoods.  It can be difficult to know exactly where to visit when in the city.  Tourist mainstays are wonderful but do not always give a true sense of the identity of the locals.  Why not try one of the lesser known areas?

Shoreditch is a community in London that many have said is past it's prime, but in my experience that could not be farther from the truth.  Located in the historic east end of London, Shoreditch is a great spot to connect with locals and avoid the common tourist trail. 

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the area is the lively nightlife.  Not exactly family friendly but perhaps a babysitter can avail itself so you can partake in some of the fun! No matter what your style for night time adventures this area of London can cover it.  Everything from casual pubs to sexy chateau-style lounges are available to enjoy.  Chat with the artistic locals, sample trendy adult beverages, or just relax with new friends in the local pub.  Either way it can be a really great way to get to know the area.  I find that most of my daytime activities are things I heard about while enjoying a beer with locals as off the beaten track places reveal themselves more easily in a pub.

If you want to really soak in the neighborhood finding accommodation there would be best.  Hotels in Shoreditch can be found easily and usually offer loads of variation by price and uniqueness.  I have seen hostels, trendy loft apartments, and luxury hotels so nearly any budget will do.  It can seem a bit grungy in some areas as street art adorns nearly every surface but if you can look at that as inspiration rather than disrepair then you are headed to the right district.

Another thing this area is known for are it's motley array of markets.  Two of it's most famed markets are the Brick Lane market and the Old Spitalfields market, both a great way to spend a day/night but both different in their own unique ways.

Brick Lane is a massive spot encompassing its own market as well as the many mini markets scattered right around it.  Here you can find tools, household items, discounted fruits and veggies, as well as blankets, clothes, and shoes.  Spitalfields will give you more of an antique and vintage vibe where you can also find books, jewelry, and so much more.

Shoreditch is renowned for its eclectic mix of pubs, cafes, delis, and luxury restaurants.  You can also find exclusive members clubs typically located in the uppermost floors of what appears to be abandoned warehouses.  These warehouses seem to be a trend and have been turned into wonderful artsy spots to hang out and enjoy a good meal.  You can feast on vegetarian friendly fare, Pakistani food, Greek, Italian,, you get the picture.  Basically, anything you could want to eat you'll be able to find someplace in Shoreditch!

So would you consider staying in Shoreditch on your next London adventure?

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