What we love about Sydney, Australia

It has been a year and a half since we took our trip to Australia.  Since we were pretty short on time we only got to see a small chunk of that amazing country.  We rented a caravan and spread our wings a little but with only a week to spare we were only able to venture as far as the Blue Mountains in one direction and Jervis Bay in the other.  While we also adored both those areas we spent the bulk of our time in Sydney and quickly fell in love.

It is still one of our favorite cities in the world and honestly if we could find jobs in Sydney we would probably spend at least a year or so of the city life down under.  It is a beautiful city full of enough green space that at times it hardly feels like a city at all yet ha all the amenities one would expect in a blossoming urban area!

Here are some of the reasons we love Sydney, Australia :


Now this may be simply because we happened to catch the best week of weather imaginable but no one could tell us the weather is not perfect there.  The sky literally never showed a single cloud and the temperatures were lovely.  Cool breezes during the day which made walking around and exploring very pleasant.  In the evening the weather would turn a bit cooler making for perfect sleeping weather, cool but not cold.  A wonderful welcome after the intense heat of Malaysia.

Green spaces
The green spaces throughout the city probably shocked us most about Sydney.  Our absolute favorite being the Royal Botanic garden.  Our first hotel was located right next to the garden and on the other side of that was the harbor.  It was a lovely spot to take a walk, a nap, plop down in the grass to read a book, and watch for all the beautiful birds.  I know cockatoos are quite irritating with their loud squawking but for Americans this was a thrill to see them in the wild and the park was full of them.  The gardens and grass are impeccably manicured, there are spots for events and photo opportunities and it is beautifully placed right on the harbor.

The Botanic gardens are not the only lovely green spaces to enjoy in the city though.  If you have time be sure to also check out Hyde park, Observatory Hill park, and Wentworth park.  There are also many off leash parks for animals lovers and more playgrounds than you could ever visit if you have your children along.

Opera House 

I know it is cliche but honestly there is just something magical about the Sydney Opera House.  We didn't even get a chance to take in an actual show but it was still amazing and the site of many, many photos.  Perhaps it is because of its iconic status but we really enjoyed the whole area around it from The Rocks neighborhood to the harbor itself.  There was loads to do even without a show and having the opera house in the backdrop was lovely.  If I had to marvel at the opera house every day and night for the next few years I certainly wouldn't be upset!

The Rocks

There is just something about this neighborhood that made us happy.  There are loads of wonderful, albeit overpriced, restaurants, historic venues, and just an overall eclectic vibe that makes it a perfect spot for tourists.  It is also located in the heart of Sydney, just down the street from the harbor and opera house.  Sadly, we only stayed 1 night but we enjoyed it immensely and would definitely stay in the area when in Sydney again.

I have mentioned before that anything having to do with the ocean feeds my soul and does the same for most of my family.  So not only is Sydney fabulous in its urban offerings but it also happens to sit on the ocean offering harbors, beautiful beaches, lovely waters, surfing, jet boating, kayaking, and so much more.  Most famous is Bondi beach but do yourself a favor and head out to some of the other spots to get a real picture of the beach culture in the area.  Bronte beach, Palm beach, and Manly beach are also well liked spots!  Bilgola, Avalon, and whale beaches are more off the tourist trail if privacy is more of what you are after, although you most certainly will not be alone.

There you have it, top reasons why Sydney is one of our favorite cities in the world!

Have you been?  What did you love most?

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  1. Sydney is so cool! I am dying to go back, but my need to explore new places is keeping me from it.

    1. I have to agree with you. If we head back to Oz it would most likely be a different city as I feel the same way. When you want to see it all no point seeing the same place twice:)