The new frontier for travel....SPACE!

I have covered a lot of countries in my writing whether that be places we have visited; Thailand or Costa Rica or places we'd like to visit; South Africa and Antarctica.  We have even covered the underwater world through our snorkeling and scuba diving posts.  But there is still one spot that we haven't even thought to cover because until recently it was not exactly realistic.  But space is quickly becoming the new frontier for travel.

Just recently I found an amazing contest to enter.  Land Rover, one of my dream car companies, is hosting, in conjunction with Virgin Airlines a chance to win a trip on the Virgin Galactic spaceship!  Seriously have you ever seen a contest with such an amazing prize?  I know I haven't and when it comes to travel I enter them all!

It made me wonder just what the process is. After pushing aside my anxiety at the thought I delved deeper to try and understand exactly what this prize would look like.   The trip, at this point, includes a couple of days of training and then off you go.  You are brought up to 50,000 feet where you then shoot to over 2400 miles per hour.  In your beautiful space suit you now start seeing the changing colors of the world outside, deepening blues and finally black. Then you start to notice 2 things, one being the intense silence since the motors no longer need to be on and the second is the loss of the gravity that has been pervasive throughout your life. You are then allowed out of the seat for a bit to do all the standard "no gravity" tricks like flips and such. Wow, just saying all that seems so amazing!

It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it isn't just for the person that enters but also for 3 of that persons luckiest friends!  Have I got your attention yet? Just watch this video below.  I know it is a little promotional but Land Rovers are awesome anyway and really if it doesn't inspire a sense of adventure I don't know what will. 

Amazing right?  I admit to being a little timid of the thought of flying into space but I feel so inspired by the thought of it now that I just can't wait to have a chance to do it.  I would have a lot of questions, that is for sure, but after a lot of thought, how can anyone pass up a trip like that?

So what are you waiting for?  Go to the website today and enter because you can't win if you don't try!  Even the entry process was a blast!  Good luck and enter soon, only 12 days left and you have to try and beat me out! 

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