Hawaii Daily Photo: Spitting Caves of Portlock, Oahu

Nothing on Earth would make me take this leap, but lucky for us plenty of people do.  Fun to watch, holding our breathe the whole time!

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  1. Ditto on that.

    Stunning shot, but I'll let others take the leap of faith. You really need to jump OUT to clear the cliff. What stunningly blue, crisp water though.

    Thanks so much for sharing,


    1. Thanks! It was crazy, that guy jumping in the shot just showed up, said I saw you guys jumping, I want to try. He dropped his shorts and just ran off and jumped...it was crazy! I had about 10 seconds of thinking oh my god that guy is going to die right in front of us...crap! He didn't even access the situation really and it was a narrow area you needed to land on top of having to jump way out! I was glad my son skipped that one! And just this past month 2 people have died there!