5 Travel Destinations not on your Radar that Should be

When researching what spot to visit on your next vacation why not try something new and unique?  Most people pick the Caribbean, Hawaii, or Europe but there is so much world out there to explore. 

While those locations are wonderful and popular for a reason, I have recently discovered that some lesser know locales, close to the more popular spots in the area can be just as exciting, relaxing, and as enjoyable as the bigger attractions are.  The added benefit is that oftentimes they can be more of a budget as well.

Here are 5 travel destinations not on your radar that probably should be:

The small country of Tunisia is located in Northern Africa on the Mediterranean sea.  Italy and Malta are to the North and it is nestled between Libya and Algeria.   All Inclusive family holidays to Tunisia are available making the whole process of research much smoother.  They can help set up just about any excursion in the area and I always love not having to worry about carrying money with me at the resort itself.

Tourism has taken a hit over the past few decades making it less developed than Egypt and Morocco, also in the same general area.  However, what makes Tunisia such a great vacation spot in my opinion is the opportunity to explore so many undiscovered areas.  Tunisia may be best known for it's beaches and resort areas but there is also a host of historical and archaeological sites to explore.  Carthage is only the beginning!  You can also enjoy the Saharan desert as Tunisia has some of the most accessible scenery available.

Huahine, French Polynesia
A stunning island often times overlooked by the neighboring islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora, Huahine is worth skipping both of those for.  Huahine is a small island connected by two volcanoes and has everything Tahiti has minus the crowds of people. 

If your looking for relaxation you can find it here among the stunning flora, tropical trees, mountains, beaches, and sparkling crystal clear water.  Relaxation, privacy, and quiet amid stunning beauty pretty much sums up Huahine perfectly.  But do not fret if you crave a bit more adventure scuba diving, an eel excursion, and an assortment of water activities are available.  Now throw in a Margarita and I am already there!

Eugene, Oregon
Eugene, located South of the more popular city of Portland, has an amazing charm of its own. We love Oregon on a whole, Portland to Multnomah falls to Crater lake, it is a beautiful state but Eugene seems to get very little attention. 

Once known for its hippie culture it has morphed into a sophisticated urban metropolis full of large parks, delicious restaurants, and an active art scene.  Just outside the city you will discover a wealth of outdoor activities to suit every adventure level.  You can hike, kayak white water, cycle through wine country, and explore ocean estuaries.

Roatan, Honduras
If value is what you are seeking then look no farther than Honduras.  With Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica taking much of the Central American love it is easy to overlook the other, smaller and lesser known countries in the area.  Honduras is a lovely country with amazing people, gorgeous ocean front, and a budget feel.

Roatan is a small island located in Honduras' bay islands.  It is most popular with divers who want to explore the world's second largest barrier reef.  It also serves just about anyone who may be looking for a laid back get away without all the crowds and touts.  Aside from the beach itself and the reef there are also numerous shipwrecks to explore, shark adventures, as well as swimming with whales and dolphins.

Tuvalu is one of the least populated nations in the world.  That in of itself interests me as I prefer to avoid crowds most of the time.  This beautiful island nation is located near a huge vacation spot, Fiji.  It is also located just about halfway between Australia and Hawaii, making it a great stop over location.

Tuvalu has stunning beaches perfect for relaxation but it is what is underneath the water's surface that makes Tuvalu such a great vacation spot.  There are over 9 atolls to explore, all brimming with reefs,  and abundant ocean life.  You can dive, snorkel, or sail around.  You can also spend time with the friendly locals, learn some traditional dance, or discover the remnants of WW2.

All photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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