Monk seal photo shoot

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be allowed into this beautiful monk seals environment.  After discovering a lava tube that led out to the ocean I spotting this seal laying on the rocks.  I tried to stay back but it was so relaxed and peaceful I slowly got closer and closer.

They are endangered and can sometimes be aggressive so it is best to stay back.  It is also illegal in Hawaii to touch or upset them in anyway.

I sat on the rocks with it for 2 hours watching it wake, stare at me and just lazily roll over.  It was a complete pleasure and one I wanted to share with you all as well as I could.  Here are the best photos from the day. 

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  1. I love the photos! The one of him covering his eye is too cute haha

    1. Thanks! He was such a cheeky little guy. It was a really nice moment sitting with him/her:)