Why visit Los Angeles in autumn?

Los Angeles is one of those destinations that's virtually synonymous with the heat of summer. I don't know about you, but thinking of LA my mind automatically flits to hanging out on Santa Monica Beach and Pier, hitting the theme parks and strolling around Hollywood feeling starstruck. With all that in mind, just why would you go there in autumn instead?

There are lots of reasons - and they make such a strong argument that I reckon it might actually be even better to plan your trip for autumn rather than summer! Praise indeed, I know, but I'm pretty certain that by the time you finish reading you'll agree.

Avoid the queues at theme parks
Theme parks like Universal Studios Hollywood are one of the biggest draws to LA I think, but let's be honest, in summer they're usually horribly crowded. You might think that this is down to the sunshine, but it's largely due to the simple fact that this period coincides with the school holidays, so families naturally flock here over this period.

When autumn rolls round, though, the kids will be back in school, which means you can spend more time on rides and less time in queues. That said, I'd still recommend going on a weekday if you can, since weekends are, of course, always popular with families too.

Hotels will be cheaper
Autumn travel is often the best friend of the budget-conscious traveller. I favour holidays in the autumn months for two key reasons - firstly, you can avoid the worst of the heat (which I'll talk more about in a moment) and secondly, you can save money.

Summer is naturally a peak period, coinciding with school holidays and sunshine, as I talked about above. Book a hotel in Los Angeles in autumn, then, and you can usually take advantage of lower-than-usual prices, since many establishments charge less in the hope of attracting more travelers.

Enjoy sunshine without being cooked

Don't get me wrong - I love a little sun. But, I often don't do well in higher temperatures, and in summer LA often reaches 30 degrees C and above. In autumn, you still benefit from plenty of sunshine, but the temperature mellows out, which means you avoid the full intensity of the LA heat.

What's nice about this is that it also allows you to do more. If you think about it, standing around in theme park queues or exploring bustling cities is often made harder by high heat, and as a consequence you'll spend more time seeking shade or resting - or I know I would, anyway! The autumn weather, however, makes for much more pleasant days out.

Experience Halloween
Halloween is a really big deal in the US - you'll find everyone throws themselves into the costumes, the food and the parties, which means experiencing it is a must. So, if you're planning to travel in October anyway, try to visit right at the end of the month - there will be loads of great events you can go to.

To make the most of holidaying at this time, I recommend getting as involved with the fun as you can - find an amazing costume, dress up and celebrate with as much gusto as everyone else. You'll have the best time!

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