Jump outside your comfort zone in Chile

One thing we love about travel is the ability to step outside our comfort zones on a regular basis.  In fact the main reason we have made the big leaps we have in the past 7 years was exactly for this reason.  We felt stagnant in our lives both in CT and in Costa Rica so much so that we left in search of a life beyond our wildest expectations. 

Being comfortable is important especially when you have children but falling into a life that is too comfortable stops us from progressing on a personal level.  It felt as if our growth as humans, deep in our soul had come to a standstill.  Of course that is not entirely true and we can push ourselves no matter where we are in life but travel helps us do that in many, many ways.

Lately we have been talking about what our next step is.  Visiting South America is high on our list so I was thrilled to find the following video that talks about getting outside your comfort zone and visiting South America, Chile specifically, at the same time.  Check it out!  I know I was ready to book a flight after watching.

There are several things I take away from watching this video.  The first thing is how absolutely stunning Chile is as a country.  The wildlife is so diverse and staggering in its overall beauty.  The country side is also amazing offering something for everyone in terms of adventure and sightseeing.  Snow capped mountains, volcanoes, deep jungle, and oceans and lakes are just the beginning of what this coutry has to offer.

I also see that there is wildlife in every corner of the country, something that makes us feel more alive being around.  Beautiful birds, mammals and stunning sea life seem to be the backdrop of each scene.  Everything from owls to seals and pumas to giant whales.  Touring around the country could be the adventure and educational experience of a lifetime.

It is easy to see that a trip to Chile could be an escape from the ordinary and a chance to step outside of your comfort zone.   Witnessing that type of beauty will leave you captivated and wanting more.  So what are you waiting for?  Head to Chile, step outside your comfort zone, and live your life beyond your wildest expectations!

Did you watch the film?  What did you think?  What would you like to do on a trip to Chile? 

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  1. Watched it, and yeah... it totally makes me want to go there! It looks amazing! :)

    1. I agree! I did not realize how beautiful it was. And all the wildlife...ahhh...amazing!!