Don’t Miss The Dublin Fashion Festival This Year

The Dublin Fashion Festival kicks off on 5 September this year and is set to be an exciting few days for those in the know. The schedule is jam-packed with interesting specials and industry events. Over 250 businesses are set to join in for 4 days of fun, fashion and frocks. The Dublin Fashion Festival is the premiere shopping event of the year!

Laura Whitmore has been recruited as the face of the festival. Many people will recognise her as one of the most fashionable presenters from MTV. The best Irish fashions will be on show for the entire festival and there are generous bonuses expected for customers too. Exciting pop-up stores, a fabulous beauty bus, industry insider talks and even a booth where you can indulge your quest for the ultimate ‘selfie’! This year’s festival has it all.

Why not get involved by visiting a workshop or an industry demo to find out more about what is about to hit the fashion scene in Dublin. The festival caters for fashions for men, women and even children.

When you visit a city for an exciting event like this there’s a few things you need to consider before you arrive. The main one is where are you going to stay? There are plenty of hotels available to book online so that’s one less thing you have to worry about when you land.  Booking a hotel in the city center means you won’t have very far to travel to whatever event you’ve got your heart set on being at.  Location is vital!

If you haven’t been to Dublin before you might be worrying about getting around easily. Luckily there are some pretty decent Dublin Transport options available. There’s a train, light rail and bus network that are easily accessed as well as convenient transport options from the airport if you need them. You can even hire a bike and get around town while keeping fit at the same time! This will be a huge bonus if you find yourself partaking in lots of fashion festival goodies. You’re going to need sensible shoes to cycle though – perhaps you’ll have to carry a spare pair to get you into all those fashionable events!

The Dublin Fashion Festival is in its 4th year and has managed to include restaurants and bars in this year’s festivities. All events are to be held in the city center so you’ll have very little trouble moving from one to the other.

If this is your first visit to Dublin you’ll find there are plenty of other activities happening in the city in the month of September. Since almost everyone wants to stretch their travel dollar it makes sense to extend your trip and take some time to visit some of the important tourist areas as well as taking in another event (or two!) Remember you can extend before the festival too; it doesn’t have to be at the end when you’re exhausted.

Remember to use the website to plan the events you want to visit. With so many fashion parades, workshops and other events you’ll need to plan your days to make the best use of your time. The Dublin Fashion Festival runs until the 8th of September. Make sure you’re there from the start so you don’t miss out on some great bargains!

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