Dalyan: A Great Choice For A Turkish Summer Destination

Are you looking for somewhere cool to go for a summer break while keeping the kids amused? Perhaps Turkey is vaguely on your radar but you’re not sure if it is a reasonably priced destination and if the kids will have things to do
If that’s the case, check out Dalyan. No summer break in Turkey would be complete without a visit to this cool town!

Now, what is there to do in Dalyan? Quite a lot really.

First and foremost, there’s the sulphur mud baths. Who doesn’t love a good mud bath experience? Kids especially enjoy squelching around in that gooey grossness! Once it gets between their toes they are in heaven. Not to mention all those great photos you’ll have of each of you showing just the whites of your eyes!

Situated on the banks of the Cayi River, Dalyan is just a short boat taxi ride to Iztuzu which boasts a lovely beach for swimming. Also available for adventurous families is a variety of water sports at the nearby Göcek resort. Combine this with the chance to go horse riding and the possibility of taking the family white water rafting in the mountainous areas near the town, and you have yourself a full blown summer adventure!

These same mountains boast ancient Lycian tombs which have been carved directly into the cliffs along the river. These are quite spectacular and apparently date to around 400BC.  How cool is that?  Like a mini Petra!

If marine life is your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that Loggerhead sea turtles have their breeding grounds nearby offering the opportunity to see these lovely creatures. The turtle rehabilitation centre is well worth a visit. We’ve seen turtles a few times in our travels and every time it is as exciting as the last.

For families that like to ride bikes there are bicycles available for hire. These can be kept for multiple days and ridden all through the local area. And on Thursdays your family can even join in some voluntary environmental assistance by helping to clean the local waterways. This is a weekly activity and would be great for kids to see just how much waste makes it to our precious water systems. It would make a visit to the turtle rehab centre even more meaningful too.

Dalyan has a lovely laid back feel and is, so far, free of giant high rises and built up tourist hot spots. The roads in many areas are quiet and getting around is extremely pleasant. By all accounts you might need a hand getting in and out of the mud baths but imagine the laughs you’ll have trying to pull each other out once you’re all slippery and slimy?

So how about a visit to Dalyan on your next trip to Turkey?  I know I will be getting there sooner rather than later!

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  1. Yeah seem Dalyan is the really awesome place to spend my next xmas vacation :)