Beautiful Penang

Penang offers so many amazing things; great food, deep cultural ties, and a friendliness that matches the rest of South East Asia.  We have spent 3 months now in an apartment overlooking the ocean.  We have watched sunset after sunset, observing the changing placement of each days event.  It is perhaps the thing I have grown to love most about Penang...aside from it's lovely people of course!

Have you been to Penang, what do you love most??

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  1. An appealing capture. I have never been Penang, hoping to spend my next vacation there….

    1. Thanks, we really like it here a lot and as you can see having an ocean view is very important:) They can be had for quite cheap so don't buy into the overpriced ocean view nonsense!

  2. That’s a lovely sunset and it shows the entire beauty of Penang from that.

  3. Thanks for share good images.

  4. An attractive capture. I've never been to Penang, I hope my next vacation ...