Bodrum Castle

Although not traditionally famous for being the most family-oriented of holiday destinations, those who are willing to look beyond Bodrum’s reputation as a nightlife capital will be rewarded by the discovery of a very family-friendly resort, with a range of cultural and sporting activities on offer to keep the kids entertained.

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One of the best of these is a trip to Bodrum Castle. One of Bodrum’s most recognizable landmarks, its picture-perfect Disney-like architecture enchants children and adults alike. Overlooking the harbour, on a rocky peninsula surrounded by sea on three sides, the Castle of St Petrus was built in the fifteenth century by the Knights of Rhodes to defend the area against invasion, and has its origins in the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

A visit to the castle provides kids with an insight into a major part of European history in a way that is fun and imaginative, bringing the past to life. Children will spend hours exploring the castle’s towers and ramparts (Snake Tower tends to be universally popular – especially with boys – and it isn’t hard to see why!). If you have an animal lover in the family, the many peacocks, chickens and hens to whom the castle provides a home are sure to be a source of considerable excitement. Watch out for the odd scorpion though!

Don’t forget to check out the Shipwreck Museum within the castle grounds. Home to some of the remains of the world’s oldest shipwreck, the Uluburen, which dates back to the 14th century BC, this attraction is sure to capture the imagination of even the most disinterested of history students.

All in all, the castle offers a great, educational and kid-friendly excursion for families looking to escape the sea-sun-and-sand formula. It’s also a great activity if your family is holidaying on a budget – with kids getting in for free and adults for just 10 Turkish lire, a visit to the castle is a cheap and interesting way to while away a few hours, away from the pool.

The entrance can be found on the harbour next to the yacht club, where you can also refresh yourselves with a drink and an ice-cream to reward your exertions and take stock of what is undoubtedly an unforgettable family experience.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Bodrum. The entrance fee for the castle is now 20TL for adults but this includes all the rooms.

  2. Thanks for the comment and updated cost for entrance:)