Mango's Abound

I love this photo, taken in Nosara on a long hike through a rain storm.  The beautiful green grasses growing in the middle of a moss covered mango grove depicts perfectly how I picture the green season!

Mangos grow abundantly in Costa Rica and are one of the delectable ingredients in many local dishes.  The fence in the foreground is quite common in Costa Rica ans is often times called a living fence!

Do you have mangos growing where you live?  Which is your favorite variety?

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  1. I normally love to see mango trees with full of mangoes because it always looks nice to see a tree with lots of fruits.

  2. Love mangos!! did you know that Costa Rica has the wildess variety of fruits in the whole world???

  3. I really love mangoes and also mango trees. Also In this photo there has a nice greenish surrounding for mango trees and also I love greenish photographs ever.