Now what?? How to help make your dreams come true!

Weave your dream into a new reality!

What was your first thought upon waking this morning?

  • Did you think about your mile long to-do list?
  • Did you think about your job and how much you love it? Or hate it?
  • Did you think about your kids and what they would do today?
  • Did you pull your covers back over your head in denial?

My first thought this morning when I woke was, “Dream: Reboot.”

And not just because we're getting ready to launch another class!

Every day is a dream reboot when you change your perspective, and priority structure, to reflect the truth the each day you get to spend in any way you choose!

I waste too much time. I have to focus. I need to narrow it down, do the stuff that matters, channel my energies. I’m famous for having fifty projects on the go, and truthfully, I work better under pressure. I love working hard at things that inspire me, and it could be argued that too many things inspire me.

Does that sound like you?

Do you have big dreams, but are spinning your wheels?

So these are my questions for you this morning, and for me as well:
  • What is it that you are passionate about?
  • How are you going to change the world with the time and resources you have?
  • What is your big goal?
  • Your life’s purpose?
  • How can you narrow your focus, cut the fat and do the things that really matter?
  • Do you have the guts to?
  • And if we do, now what?

The answer to, "Now What?"

Dream: Reboot

Follow the above link to see what my good friends at the Dream Reboot camp can offer to help you build your dreams.  These are 2 of the most inspirational women I know!  

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  1. I am taking on a new project at the moment, so I really need to get organised, and focus on what I am doing! So this post came in perfect time....I am dreaming about making my life easier while stepping up and doing more work :0

  2. I am so glad! Why not join and let them help be a guide? If you click on Dream: reboot it will take you to more info on the program!