No more little boys!

My littlest guy is turning 5 tomorrow!  Everyone always says it but I just have to repeat here...I don't know where the time goes?  Just yesterday he was a little bundle coming home to the delight of his big brothers and now....

This year in Cambodia
Since he is my last little boy, this birthday is both exciting and sad. On one hand it is wonderful having all 3 boys able to be independent, as it makes daily life so much easier.  It is also helpful to be able to talk through things in a away that only school-aged kids can do.  But in the end, this was my last baby, and I love babies! I know he hasn't been that little for a while but there is something about becoming 5 years old that makes me realize he is much further from being a baby then being a "big" boy.  Always good and bad in these types of things I suppose, and either way it's been an amazing ride and will continue to be.  Change is inevitable.

It has been 5 incredible and challenging years!  T has challenged us in ways I didn't think were possible and, because of this, has helped us grow in our role as parents greatly.  He is energetic, persistent, fearless, hysterical, and the most loving of all 3 of our boys.  It has been an adventure best expressed in picture...

One of his first photos, born in Costa Rica
Brother love
3 weeks
2 months
4 months
10 months
First zip line!
18 months
Pirate/cowboy play at the Children's museum in CR
"Helping" wash the car
2 and some change
Loving our little mini farm
Beach fun near Jaco, Costa Rica
3 years old
Zumba fun!
Merry Christmas
Enjoying the Caribbean
4th birthday!
In front of Arenal volcano
Strong is an understatement
Just before leaving for Asia
At a temple in Thailand
With a baby elephant in Thailand
Vang Vieng, Laos
Caving in Laos
Enjoying the tea plantations in Malaysia

We all love you T, the bravest, some would say "most insane" little boy!  You keep us on our toes and we adore you for that!  Happy Birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday to a very wonderful, amazing, intelligent, cheeky, gorgeous boy. It is a true pleasure getting to know you.

    xoxoxo Aunty Sara